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Google advertises new leather bands for Android Wear devices from new manufacturers just before Apple’s Watch launch

If Apple is trying to sell its Watch to the public well before its official debut, Google is working on highlighting  sets of straps available for the various Android Wear devices you can choose from, including but not limited to E3 Supply Co., Worn & Wound and Clockwork Synergy.


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E3 Supply and Clockwork Synergy will supply different bands for five separate Wear devices: Samsung Gear Live, Moto 360, LG G Watch and G Watch R and Asus ZenWatch. Clockwork offers leather bands in 15 different colors as well and owns the cheapest ones, starting at $12.95 ($22.95 full price).


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Worn & Wound supports ZenWatch, G Watch R and G Watch but prices are just as high as E3 ones, around $65. You can only get the bands from these manufacturers on their respective sites listed in the source links as you will not find them anywhere on Google Play store or on tech manufacturers’ pages.

Source: E3 Supply Co, Clockwork Synergy, Worn and Wound, Android Blog

Accessories News

Asus Zen Watch available for purchase in Best Buy for $199.99

Asus Zen Watch will be available on the US market starting tomorrow and you can get it for as low as $199.99. Apparently, Best Buy is where you should be if you really want to get one of these babies because it will take some time before the device gets on Google Play Store.

The device itself is a strange accessory with a square shape that tries to be more of a traditional accessory than a tech wonder (take LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live for example). Considering the price, you could say this is the best-looking smartwatch you could buy at the moment.

It appears that Asus Zen Watch will be the first watch to have customized software, as opposed to most of the existing smartwatches out there which present nearly identical interfaces and experiences. It does have a nice-looking square-ish AMOLED display with customizable strap options.

The smartwatch does have some drawbacks, including the lack of an ambient light sensor and GPS. It may not be an ugly device, but it’s not the best on the market either. You can get it at a much better price than the competition though.

Source: TechCrunch

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Samsung Gear Live gets update to 4.4W.2! See what the changes are here!

Samsung Gear Live it’s getting its newest software update in the form of version no. 4.4W.2. The Samsung device is getting its update after Moto 360 and LG G Watch, getting a bit late to the party, it seems. The update brings about some OS tweaks, one of the most important being the option to hide notification cards situated on the watch face.

The update will hop around on all Wear devices in the next couple of days and after you install it on your Samsung smartwatch you will be able to play music locally from the device by pairing some Bluetooth headphones to it. Gear Live doesn’t have GPS so the update will not help you in that manner.

This update cannot be forced on the device and, even if some say there are magic rituals you can try to help your OTA update come sooner, none of them have been seen working so far. You can – if you want – download the OTA package from XDA and flash it manually in order to get your update on your own terms.

Source: XDA Developers


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Apps Updates/Software

TWRP recovery for LG Gwatch and Samsung Gear Live

The age of ROMing your wristwatch is upon us! TWRP recently managed to develop a custom recovery for the LG G watch (dory). Now, experienced modders can try and change their device without just tinkering with third party apps all the time. Beware of warranty voids as modding your device will void the warranty.

The default TWRP theme is not optimized yet for the small screen, but with a stylus pen you can access pretty much anything you want. The buttons will be a bit resized and the interface will change in order to accept screen scrolling and using fleshier fingers as well.

TWRP supports debug mode and most of the standard functions work as intended. The installation is rather simple, but the smartwatch requires an unlocked bootloader to work. All you have to do is download the latest image from Team Win, reboot it into the bootloader and flash the image in the recovery partition.

Apart from LG G watch, Samsung Gear Live can now be modded as well in the same manner. The TWRP is undersized in this case as well, but the team says an update is to come around soon. All you need now is a clear custom ROM to get your device to a whole new level!

Source: AndroidPolice