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Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S5 receives update to Android 4.4.4

Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S5 is finally receiving its update to Android 4.4.4. Samsung said all the way back two months ago that its Sprint version will be getting the update soon, but sadly that didn’t happen. Maybe there was a problem with a bug, or the update had issues that needed further work and testing. The truth will never be known.


What we do know is that Sprint S5’s are getting the OTA starting today and that Samsung is working on updating its devices to Android 5.0. T Mobile’s and AT&T’s S5 versions are waiting in limbo for their Lollipop release as well, and it is bound to come soon, because the OS has been around (albeit in pre-release form) since this summer.


Below you can see the actual changelog for the update:

  • Google security patches
  • International WiFi calling support
  • HD Voice icon
  • Android 4.4.4.


If you own a Sprint Galaxy S5, this update should be coming to your phone in the following days.


Source: Sprint

Accessories News

Samsung Galaxy S5 case with 3000 mAh battery on sale for $99.95 on Mophie

Samsung Galaxy S5 can be pampered by any user right now with a hefty battery case on sale by Mophie. The 3000 mAh battery case offers the device full protection and a secondary battery to keep things running for double the time!


Mophie’s Juice Pack is sold now for only $99.95. Mophie does a decent combination between a nice-looking case and a strong battery that will appeal to the usual Android user. Galaxy S5 already has a removable battery, but the 3000 mAh pack will not be a bad deal for sure as it will double the life of your Samsung device. The case itself is rather functional and has openings for all sorts of buttons and ports, including NFC, speakers, USB 3.0 port and a LED indicator to tell the user how much battery he has left.


The case is sold for $99.95 and it will cost around 6 more dollars for shipping too. It is available in white and black. If you want even more power, you can try the ZeroLemon 7500 mAh extended cover with battery at 50% the price.

Source: Mophie

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime to launch in Korea in five color variants

Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime will be launched in South Korea soon, sources say, and it will have five different “coats”.

Samsung Logo, source Karlis Dambrans/Flickr
Samsung Logo, source Karlis Dambrans/Flickr

EVLeaks says Galaxy S5 Prime with number SM-G906 will be available in Korea in five colors: Sweet Pink, Blue, Gold, White and Black.

We don’t know yet if the device will be sold internationally, but we are eager to find out if it will reach the North-American shore in the near future.


Samsung S5 crystal collection – teaser for a sparkling Galaxy S5

Samsung S5 crystal collection has a teaser video you can watch below. This exquisite handset will be coming out in May and is covered in Swarovski crystals, yet we don’t know a price for it or its availability.

There is little knowledge about this device in what concerns technical data, but the overall design looks pretty much sparkly and exquisite. Would you like to get a Samsung S5 covered in crystals?


Deal alert: Samsung S5 on Amazon for $99 on Verizon contract

Samsung S5 on a deal on Amazon! The Verizon version has been sold out at Amazon for a few days now, especially because of the low $99 price on contract, a much lower price than what everyone else is selling it for.

Verizon is still doing the Buy one get one free promotion for S5 variants, and you can apply for one too, but you will have to sing two two-year contracts if so. The $99 deal is available for everyone – new customers, upgrades or new lines. The phones will take a 2 to 3 week shipment.

Amazon presents both white and black color variants.


Six new Samsung Galaxy S5 variant rooted by Chainfire!

Six more Samsung Galaxy S5 variants can now be rooted grace to Chainfire. The developer rooted six variants for the new South-Korean flagship just in time for its official launch in more than 125 countries and US areas. The rooted versions include the international Exynos and Quamcomm variants, the T Mobile and US Cellular variants, the Metro PCS variant, the Canada variant and the middle and South America variant.

Samsung Galaxy S5, source Karlis Dambrans/Flickr
Samsung Galaxy S5, source Karlis Dambrans/Flickr

Rooted Galaxy S5 variants:

SM-G900H (International Exynos)
SM-G900M (Middle and South America?)
SM-G900R4 (US Cellular)
SM-G900T (T-Mobile US)
SM-G900T1 (Metro PCS)
SM-G900W8 (Canada)

To root works in the same way as users will need the latest CF Auto Root version, a PC and Samsung ODIN tool. SuperSU app is installed and the device is temporarily flashing a modified recovery that is re-flashed into stock recovery.

Below you can find the root access, but beware, not all roots end in success.