LG teases Tab Book – a premium device powered by an Intel Haswell processor

LG aims high on the market with an 11” tablet run by an Intel i5 processor, but it will be launched and available only in Korea, at least for the time being. After the launch of LG G Pad earlier this year, the Koreans are aiming at the high end of the spectrum with the Tab Book, a super-tablet that looks like an ultra-premium Windows machine that runs on an Android OS.

The Tab Book runs on Android x86 and has a superior processor in relation to standard Android tablets, which run on Atom processors, cheaper and low-powered compared to Intel chips. The tablet has an Intel i5 Haswell processor accompanied by 4 GB of RAM and an 11” 1920x1080p display with 128 GB of SSD space and USB 3.0 ports. The device is a little laptop in itself, weighing 1 pound and presenting a tilting keyboard as prime accessory that can be hidden underneath the screen when the user does not want to use it.

The Tab Book has recently been announced for the South-Korean market but it has no release date or price available yet. It is said to run on Android 4.2. and it will launch after the Asian market is tested on looks and consumer reaction first. 

Source: LG

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The Nexus program dies by February 2015! Android Silver to take its place

The Nexus program may die sooner than you think! According to EVLeaks, the will be no more Nexus 6 but in its place the Android Silver program will take shape as soon as February 2015. The first device may belong to LG and it will be a device running on a next-level snapdragon 810 with 64-bit architecture.

The Nexus line will be killed in favor of the Android Silver service that will bring high-end Android devices funded and picked by Google. The first companies to participate in this program are LG and Motorola.

Google will take its program to carrier stores and it will pay for marketing and development as well as building its own booths. The devices that will belong to the program will run on a near-stock Android and receive updates much faster, thus becoming premium Android devices.