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Angry Birds Transformers – yet another angry flying (transformer) birdy game!

Angry Birds Transformers – the world of Android gaming is wide and diversified, and the panoply of Angry Birds games is no exception, as it has some spin-offs and attempts of its own of controlling the mobile gaming world. This time, the birds have done the unthinkable and stepped up their game in the fight with piggies by transforming into Autobots! But wait, the pigs are armored like Decepticons too, oh my!




Each level allows you to choose a transformer that will run through the level as you tap on objects in the background for your avatar to blast. Your ultimate goal is to destroy all the pigs when knocking over the towers, but you will have a limited time to destroy the supports with lasers as you run towards and past them. Your transformer can speed up in order to avoid being hit or smashed by something.




The game itself is free to play, but you will be periodically attacked by pop-up ads. Of course, you can spend money to help you win the game, ranging from $4.99 to $99.90. You can earn extra crystals to help you upgrade faster. In case you’re not tired of Angry Birds yet, give Transformers a try below.


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Cyanogen Camera shows up in Play Store – CyanogenMod 11S exclusive

Cyanogen Camera is a new app coming straight from the CyanogenMod team and you can already find it on the Google Playstore. The camera app is only available to CM11 S ROM versions that launched on the OnePlusOne device earlier this year and it won’t help you much otherwise at the moment. Individuals who own the device can already head out on the app official page where they will soon find more updates as well.

For now, the Cyanogen Camera app is exclusive to OnePlus One devices, but it was put in the marketplace to make updates a much easier process to implement.

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9GAG app – keep trolling with the official app on Google Playstore – free for a limited time only!

9GAG has a new and improved app on Google Playstore and on iTunes ! The funny entertainment site has finally made its mobile interface official and, for a limited time only, you can get the app for free (it will cost $1.99 later on)!

Funy pics, cosplays, wtf photos or geeky funny pictures are waiting on your phone or tablet and you can totally share them if you like them so much! You can get feedback from random people on the internetz for your funny gags and you discover other people with the same humor as you!

Basically, the 9GAG app is giving you the same funny experience on a mobile interface: you can vote in Trending and Fresh pages to determine what will be Hot on the internet the next day, you can join discussions or share the photos and GIFs you like best on different social media platforms.

Check out the widget below if 9GAG app caught your attention.

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Cartoon Network new apps: Adventure Time Fionna Fights and Rock Bandits

It appears that Cartoon Network is cashing in on two of its “it” shows at the moment with paid apps in the Google Playstore! Adventure Time and The Regular Show are two of the most popular kid’s shows on TV right now and CN knows it, no wonder they each had 4 games in the Playstore up until now! Two more Adventure Time shows have been released, Fiona Fights and Rock Bandits respectively. What can you expect from these new titles? Find out below!

Fionna Fights is a 2D shooter where the user has a sword (!) he can slay enemies with. Users have more blades to choose from and different animals they can ride and they can choose to fight with Finn if they like him more. The game costs $0.99 and has no in-app purchases.

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 rock bandits

Rock Bandits is a side-scrolling 2D platformer with Finn and Jake as stars. The players can use Finn’s sword and Jack’s stretching powers to fight through not more than 20 levels of game situated in four different worlds. Within the app you can also find an original comic book written by Rian North and artist Shelli Paroline. The game costs $1.99 and has no in-app purchase. 

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Tap Path – new app allows opening links with single, double or tripple taps in different browsers

Tap Path is a new app for Android that lets users open links with different apps by single, double and triple tapping. It comes from the creator of Link Bubble, a similar app that loads web pages in Chat Head-style bubbles that float on the screen until the user needs them. Tap Path aims at refining the browsing experience by assigning different actions depending on how many times the link is tapped.

After the app is used as default link handler once, it will require you to choose which apps to route links to for one, two and three taps. This way, one tap would open the link in Chrome while two taps will load links in Link Bubble for example. The app allows for users to direct actions to other mediums except for browsers as well, therefore they can reroute links to Pushbullet, Pocket or others.

UntitledThe app works pretty well most of the time although sometimes it may have problems with web-views and apps or browsers that require a double-tap to zoom. Users will have to be precise in tapping the link with a double or triple tap as those can become a bit tricky and can lead to an accidental zoom. In case the app does not act right, you can tinker with the tap delay slider in the options menu in order to tune your taps with Tap Path.


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Order and Chaos – the popular MMO RP game on Android devices turns free-to-play

Gameloft’s game Order and Chaos moved to the free games pouch on Google Playstore after a period of $0.99 discount from $6.99. It’s one of the most popular massive multiplayer online games from mobile platforms which does not require a monthly fee to pay as it happens with regular PC and console games, and in the past few months its price has steadily declined to $0.99 before becoming free-to-play.

Order &Chaos has in-app purchases so the game will not leave you stranded when you need help and you’re willing to pay for, but at the moment no reimbursement plan was established for the people who bought the game. Gameloft seems to celebrate its transition by offering runes for 50% off in-game and putting up an in-game shop sale as well. Apart from the financial changes, the game received an update in what concerns a PvP battlefield, new equipment and the ability to join battlefields. 

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