Instagram update to finally bring multiple account feature to Android

Instagram has been flirting with multiple account support and now that is finally starting to become real to more and more users. A while back, the app got multiple account support for some users, but it was rapidly removed. Now the feature is back and it is here to stay.       Instagram announced […]

Fingerprint purchase authorization for Android 6.0 devices supported on the Google Play Store

If you have an Android 6.0 device – i.e. Nexus device made in the last couple of years, plus a few others – you will be able to buy stuff on the Google Play Store via fingerprint purchase authorization. What it is, you may ask? Google has a option in the Play Store that allows […]

Google Play update brings change in text logo – bigger changes to come

There’s a little update for Google Play out there, and here you will know what changes you get with it. There’s a rumor that the app will go through yet another big redesign process, but the update to v 5.10.29 shows nothing like that.     This Google Play update is taking care of laying […]

Need for Speed No Limits live on Google Play Store!

Need for Speed No Limits is finally available for the Android devices and you can get it on the Google Play Store now! Fans of the NFS series will be happy to know that they can now drift and run from the police on their mobile devices too. This is the first game from EA […]

[I/O] Google Play Store developers to get custom landing pages

It appears that things will change for developers on the Google Play Store! Now, all you can see when you check a developer page on the Play Store, all you get it a list of their apps but in the near future this will change as you will be able to see branded pages richer […]

Cortana virtual assistant – Microsoft is bringing personality to Android

Cortana virtual assistant is almost here for the taking, folks! You can already use voice commands to navigate the Interwebs, but how about something with a little more personality and flair? In a few weeks we will all enjoy the beauty and sass of Microsoft’s new and improved virtual assistant.     The feature is […]