Pebble Time Round official launch on November 8

Pebble Time Round will launch in November 8 and, if you live in the US, you will be able to buy it from Best Buy and Target. You will also be able to purchase one of these smartwatch devices from Amazon and Pebble’s own sites, regardless of where you live. Now when it comes to […]

Pebble Time Round – Pebble’s first round-faced watch

This year, the wearable tech trend is round smartwatches as we keep seeing new devices sporting up the – shall we say – classic shape that a watch usually has, with the most recent case being Pebble. Pebble Time Round is the newest smartwatch from the company that finally decided to roll back in line […]

Pebble unveils Pebble Time Steel – a smartwatch with smartstraps that give you more app oportunities!

Pebble has become a little star on the Internet and it has already received over 12 million pledges since its updates smartwatch was shown earlier this year. One week after the first project debuted on Kickstarter a second accessory version is launched and it is named Pebble Time Steel.     This new device doesn’t […]

Pebble limited edition watches in pink, green and sky blue sold online now!

Pebble devices are ready to show their new colors, and they want to be pretty and vibrant in a limited edition sale! Being one of the first smartwatches and bearing a black-and-white screen, Pebble was easily forgotten once Wear devices became the “IT” high-tech accessory on the market. The original Pebble device costs $150 and […]