Pebble Time Round official launch on November 8

Pebble Time Round will launch in November 8 and, if you live in the US, you will be able to buy it from Best Buy and Target. You will also be able to purchase one of these smartwatch devices from Amazon and Pebble’s own sites, regardless of where you live. Now when it comes to price, it is one of the more expensive devices to launch on the niche market, with a starting price of $249. Is it worth it?


Pebble time round


The Pebble Time Round has been laying low since its announcement in September, but come Sunday, things will change. Why is this devices so important? because Pebble usually pioneers different features on its gadgets and manages to offer their customers a pretty decent device.


Why is this Pebble Time Round different?


It has an e-paper display exactly like its predecessor (only round), which, despite the mono-chrome vibe, manages to help the device run for days (at least on paper). The smartwatch weighs 28 grams and measures 7.5mm in thickness, but it still manages to remain the thinnest and lightest smartwatch on the market.

The lightness of the device cuts back on the weeks-worth of battery from the previous Pebble device as official statements put the battery life at 2 days worth of activity for a full charge. The good thing is the smartwatch has a quick charging feature that will let your Pebble Round get a day of battery life in only 15 minutes.


When it comes to color options you can choose a Pebble Time Round in black and silver for the 20mm version and black, silver and rose gold for the 14mm bands size version. The device always keeps its face active and, considering it is a round watch, it looks just like a normal old-school analog watch. Pebble is branding it as a good device for people with small wrists, so that may help you make up your mind about this smartwatch.


Source: Pebble

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Pebble Time Round – Pebble’s first round-faced watch

This year, the wearable tech trend is round smartwatches as we keep seeing new devices sporting up the – shall we say – classic shape that a watch usually has, with the most recent case being Pebble. Pebble Time Round is the newest smartwatch from the company that finally decided to roll back in line with the big boys and it will have the nice price tag of $249.


Pebble Time Round



Pebble is, in fact, the smartwatch creator who started this smartwatch trend via a Kickstarter campaign and changed the world of technology and wearables forever. Today, they announced the imminent launch of Pebble Time Round, their first round smartwatch that looks very much like Moto 360 or Huawei’s watch. The device could also become the thinnest and lightest smartwatch on the market.


It has a 7.5mm steel casing and weighs only 23 grams, almost half of Apple Watch’s weight of 42 grams. But it’s not a “who has the most anorexic watch in the world” competition here, folks.


Pebble Time Round will have the same color e-paper display and not a touchscreen and it will maintain its operating system to the same level as Pebble Steel and Pebble Time. It will have the same setup and buttons to maneuver apps and settings with as well.


One big setback from being the thinnest and slimmest of them all is that its battery will only last for two days instead of a whole week. But it’s still longer than what Apple and Google Wear are offering you right now anyway. Pebble also promises that the smartwatch will fully charge in only 15 minutes.


Pebble Time Round will be available in three color options, namely gold, silver and black and its price will start at $249. It will become available online and via retailers in the US starting November and you will find it in stores like Target, Best Buy or on Amazon.


Source: NYdailynews

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Pebble unveils Pebble Time Steel – a smartwatch with smartstraps that give you more app oportunities!

Pebble has become a little star on the Internet and it has already received over 12 million pledges since its updates smartwatch was shown earlier this year. One week after the first project debuted on Kickstarter a second accessory version is launched and it is named Pebble Time Steel.


Pebble Steel Time


This new device doesn’t change much from the first model except for the battery, replacing it with a much bigger one that allegedly allows for 10 days of usage without having to charge it. The Steel’s “stainless steel” case will be available in three colors: gold, silver and black, and it appears to be 1mm thicker than the first model. When it comes to straps, you will be able to choose between stainless steel and fine leather options of various colors.


Pebble smartstrap


Apart from the regular straps, Pebble announced smartstraps, interchangeable bands that can expand the smart capabilities of the device. They can have sensors and electronics that interact directly with apps (probable usage with NFC chips, extendable batteries and heart rate monitors for example). The straps will have quick release pins that allow users to easily change straps to match their business day.


Pebble Steel Time


In order to be able to get a Pebble Time Steel you will have to pledge $250 minimum, and you can expect your device to arrive in July. In case you already pledged money you can change your order without losing your place in the shipment line. You only have 24 days to do so though, so you’d better hurry and access the source link below.


[box type=”shadow”]Pebble time Steel spec list:

    • Always-on, daylight readable screen with a great backlight
    • Up to 7 day battery life (Time Steel battery life is up to 10 days)
    • Use any standard22mm watch band
    • Water resistant and durable
    • Tactile buttons for easy eyes-free clicking
    • Silent vibrating alarms
    • Step tracking with Misfit and Jawbone
    • Language and international character support(Chinese coming soon!)
    • Timeline will work on Pebble and Pebble Steel (exact date TBD)
    • Works with iOS 8 on iPhone 4s and above
    • Works with all Android 4.0+ phones including Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Google, Motorola, Xiaomi and more


    Source: Kickstarter

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    Pebble limited edition watches in pink, green and sky blue sold online now!

    Pebble devices are ready to show their new colors, and they want to be pretty and vibrant in a limited edition sale! Being one of the first smartwatches and bearing a black-and-white screen, Pebble was easily forgotten once Wear devices became the “IT” high-tech accessory on the market. The original Pebble device costs $150 and has not received many updates since its release. But now is the time for a change and what better change can there be if not three limited edition colors that simply lift the device to a new height of popularity!

    The three special devices have a complimentary effect to the existing white, red, orange, gray and black as they become more vibrant than ever: hot pink, fresh green and fly blue. The difficult part is matching your newest addition to your outfit, as things get a little bit more difficult unless you have a wardrobe made of vibrant and catchy colors.

    The newer models are sold for the same $150 and you can find them on the official Pebble site. Give it a check when you have time!

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