Ubuntu-powered tablet coming from Spain to launch soon

We can finally talk about an Ubuntu-powered tablet entering the market. The Canonical software developer has finally started to talk about the device, which will be a modified existing tablet from Spanish manufacturer BQ. The Aquaris M10 tablet will be modified to become the first piece of consumer Ubuntu hardware to become a PC when […]

Minecraft Pocket Edition gets update with new and fun features!

Minecraft Pocket Edition just received an update! This little PC hit quickly spread throughout the gaming world in recent years – be it console, PC or mobile gaming – and it has also become subject to many jokes from mainstream gamers all over the world. Pocket Edition became a little hit on its own, especially […]

Pushbullet update to allow SMS messaging history between Android devices and Windows PCs

Pushbullet just rolled out its newest update and this time it’s something big. After launching an important overhaul of its cross-platform apps, the company decided to change the way it handles SMS messages.       Your Android Pushbullet version is now capable of syncing your SMS conversation history with the web or Windows app, […]

Baldur’s Gate sequel – Icewind Dale – to become available for Android devices, PCs, iOS and Macs soon

Baldur’s Gate stories and games seem to remain as popular as ever and now, after 14 years, Icewind Dale, the sequel campaign, is getting a re-release itself. The second game in the Dungeons and Dragons series of games is coming to Android tablets, phones and hybrids, and to iOS, Macs and PCs, as announced at […]