Paranoid Android is dead! Remaining devs demotivated and inactive

There’s a rumor going around that Paranoid Android is dead. For those who don’t know, PA is one of the most popular ROMs around in the aftermarket communities. When you want to try a different Android experience, this is one of the most stable options you can try out there. This ROM has advanced features and a high-quality build, which is why it is one of the more popular custom ROMs to be used.


Paranoid Android


According to Andre Saddler, one of Paranoid Android’s team, there are only four people left working on the project at the moment:


“Paranoid Android is dead. Ever since OnePlus hiring its (sic) been done.”

Saddler is referencing the fact that OnePlus created the Oxygen OS team earlier this year and most team members were fished from other developing teams such as PA. When the Oxygen OS news first hit, everyone was afraid of what the toll over PA would be; well, now we know!


Paranoid Android managed to release an Android 5.1 version of their custom ROM for the Nexus devices. There has been no update or release of any kind since July. Saddler mentions that the remaining team members felt demotivated after their luckier devs who went to Oxygen OS never spoke to them again.


Another dev member is more optimistic though, as he cannot confirm the official death of the team. The practicality of the Paranoid Android project is dead right now, at least until the remaining team members meet up. We can hope to hear some positive news in the near future regarding this custom ROM’s revival.


Source: AndroidCommunity

News Updates/Software

OxygenOS logo unveiled today – no launch date known on OnePlus’s operating system

OxygenOS was unveiled today by OnePLus. The manufacturer recently said that the new OS replacing Cyanogen will be shown better on February 12th and now we even have an icon to go with the name! There is no launch date yet because the stable build is still in tests and some certifications still have to be received before the official launch.




OnePlus managed to get some devs from Paranoid Android to steer the development team and this includes the ROM co-founders Jesus David Gulfo Agudelo and Aaron Gascoigne. Paranoid Android’s lead designer will be in charge with the design aspect of Oxygen OS.

OnePLus say that their new OS is working mostly on battery life, system efficiency and maintaining a clean user interface.

It appears that Oxygen OS will not be open source, but it will react as a real OS. Usually OEMs keep their development and features closed but some things remain open source. OnePlus is intending to go on the Samsung route, where TouchWiz doesn’t have a git where you can access the code but the kernel source for each build is released.

Source: OnePlus blog

News Updates/Software

Paranoid Android releases alpha Lollipop custom ROM for some devices

Paranoid Android released the first alpha Lollipop custom ROM for some devices. The great part about having a Nexus device is the fact that you will always get the newest OS and custom ROMs first. Ever since Lollipop launched, some indie developers have been working on AOSP for Nexus phones and tablets.


Nexus family


A few weeks ago, the first CyanogenMod builds appeared online. Now some owners can choose another respected custom ROM team: Paranoid Android. Some alpha builds were published on the download site and below you can see what devices are already supported.

People who are new to tinkering and modding might not know that PA is less known than CyanogenMod when it comes to total downloads, but it is a great custom ROM in itself, depending on what you prefer to use, that is. Its developers always push the envelope when it comes to the user customizable interface such as the Chatheads-style Peek Notification system or the PIE navigation bar. These radical changes may not appear in the alpha builds though.

The official versions available you can find will support the following:

  • Nexus 4
  • Nexus 5
  • Nexus 6
  • Nexus 7 2012
  • Nexus 7 2013
  • Nexus 7 2013 LTE
  • Nexus 9
  • Nexus 10
  • OnePlus One
  • Oppo Find 7
  • Oppo Find 7S.

Paranoid Android developers recommend a full data wipe before flashing the new build, and Oppon and One plus users will have to flash a Cyanogenmod 12 nightly before applying the PA build. In order to get your stuffs running you will also need the Gapps ZIP package to get access to Google Services.

Source: Paranoid Android blog

News Updates/Software

Paranoid Android 4.6 beta update – colorful system bars await!

Paranoid Android 4.6 update is now available in beta form and it includes features that the team has been working on for a while now. DSB or Dynamic System Bars is a feature that allows status and navigation bars to match the action bar color in each app. This update brings devices close to Tinted Status bar mod for Xposed.

Paranoid Android devs address the fact that the features still need working on and a few tweaks to be perfect, including solving the performance issues existent when DSB is enabled (this causes battery drains). The feature is nonetheless stable enough to be downloaded in a beta release. Google will color status bars in Android L with the help of Material Design, but until then, Paranoid Android will serve as primary help in this instance.

The beta also includes support for swipe up gestures in order to dismiss Hover notifications and support for optimizations in the Hammerhead kernel. The update is available for devices such as Nexus 7, Nexus 5, One Plus One and others on the Paranoid Android official page

Source: ParanoidAndroidblog

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CyanogenMod and OmniROM update nightly builds to Android 4.4.3, AOKP and Paranoid Android updates coming soon

CyanogenMod and OmniROM now have nightly builds updated to Android 4.4.3, the newest Android update out there. The most popular custom Android ROM teams are now working on adopting the kernel source into their own releases. CyanogenMod is now transferring its nightly builds to 4.4.3 and OmniROM has begun to publish 4.4.3 nightly builds for the devices it supports.

Paranoid Android, an alternative ROM that focuses on design changes will releases its own nightlies in its next build. It recently became compatible with CyanogenMod’s standard themes.

Android Open Kang Project or AOKP, the creators of the world’s only unicorn-powered ROM, say they have already merged the 4.4.3 changes in their code and a build will be published as soon as tests are over.

Nightly builds of any ROM have bugs and are not recommended for full-time use. CyanogenMod has the most updated device selection so far and most flagship phones with unlocked bootloaders will find their preferred custom ROMs except for Paranoid Android.


Paranoid Android Peek Notifications app available for all ROMs

Paranoid Android spikes its custom ROM with interesting and useful features, but what happens when such a feature can be used by everyone else? A computer science student managed to port Peek Notifications to almost all Android 4.4 devices.

What is Peek Notifications you ask? It is a feature that lets users peek at the notifications they got on their smartphones without having to unlock their device. It uses the proximity sensor or the gyroscope to determine if the user touched the device in order to show the notification or leave it off.

The app works without rooting and is available for stock OEM ROMs as well, even if the result is a bit inconsequent in results. For some users it works, for others it doesn’t. The app needs administrator access to lock the screen and view the notifications as well. The permissions have to be disabled before the user tries to uninstall it or it will not be uninstalled.

You can find it HERE if you want to give it a shot.