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OnePlus 2 permanently discounted- anyone who bought one recently to get retroactive discounts

OnePlus has been attempting to redress itself for a few months now, trying to please its users with updates, hot fixes and price reductions for its devices. The latest move in attempting to appease customers is to drop the price of OnePlus 2. The ordering and shipping difficulties that customers complained about in the past are now being taken care of (with the drop of the invite system) and orders above $100 will ship for free.


OnePlus 2



OnePlus 2 will drop $40 from its price, going down to $349 permanently. The smartphone launched in July and it came in two different configurations: a 16GB storage version with 3GB of RAM and a 64GB version with 4GB of RAM. The rest of the specs are comprised of a Snapdragon 810 processor with a 5.5” 1080p display, 13MP camera, fingerprint sensor and a 3300 mAh battery. The 16GB version is out of stock at the moment, but the 64GB version used to cost $389 until today. Keep in mind that OnePlus’ flagship does not have NFC, fast charging or wireless charging, if that makes any difference.


Anyone who bought a OnePlus 2 in the last 15 days will also get the retroactive $40 discount, which is a great and unexpected deal that will not make them feel somehow cheated.


Source: OnePlus



OnePlus updates One Plus X to OxygenOS 2.2.

OnePlus has begun working on its devices and their OS and the first to get an update on OxygenOS 2.2.0 is One Plus X. One Plus X is close to getting the OTA and if you are lucky and have one of these, you too could be getting the update in the next 24 hours. The manufacturer has announced that the update has started to roll out today.


One Plus x



One Plus X was launched with Android Lollipop and the Android version remains the same, with some changes. The changelog includes the manual camera mode found on OnePlus 2 earlier last year, the option to save photos to a microSD card and dual SIM preferences added to system settings.


Official changelog:

  • Manual mode for Camera App
  • Save to SD card option in Camera App
  • USSD bug fix for India
  • Added dual SIM preferences back in system settings
  • OTA App upgrade
  • Security patches
  • General bug fixes and optimizations


Apart from the aforementioned changes, the rest of the update is comprised of bug fixes. Happy updating!


Source: OnePlusNet

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OnePlus 2 review – the new “flagship killer” smartphone of 2015

OnePlus 2 is the newest Chinese 2016 Flagship Killer, but is it really worthy of this title already? We shall see next year. For now, it seems that this device could be a 2015 flagship killer, if not for some of its own shortcomings. Its best features are the beautiful display with a solid build and its low price for the features it offers. On the other side of the barricade are its heat up issues, the lack of a microSD, fast charging and NFC.



OnePlus 2 flagship killer


Design and display


OnePlus 2 is a well-earned step-up from OnePlus One, replacing its plastic body with a sturdy metal frame and a grainy grey back frame made of stronger plastic. If you are not pleased with the regular back cover, you can choose a bamboo, rosewood or dark apricot wood or Kevlar one for an additional $27. The display is relatively well-sized at 5.5 inches with full HD resolution at 401 ppi. The viewing angles are pretty good,with vivid colors and crispy brightness.


OnePlus 2



The device is a bit on the thick side, at 9.9mm, and it weighs a bit too, at 175grams or 6.17oz.


An important addition to the OnePlus 2 is the fingerprint scanner below the display. This digit reader is different from the likes of iPhone and Samsung because it does not require you to swipe your print on it. All you have to do is hold your finger on the reader and it will recognize you. You can register up to five fingerprints on the phone and you should register thumbs and index fingers too, for unlocking when holding the phone and unlocking it when it is laying down respectively. You should know that you cannot pay in shops with this phone yet; the fingerprint scanner function can just be used as an unlocker method.


OnePlus 2 size



OnePlus 2 has an USB Type-C connector that you can safely use to charge your phone. This is the latest connection type and it will become available to more and more smartphones in the future, so it’s a good thing to have. It is reversible and Plus 2 remains in history as the first world-wide selling phone with Type-C connectivity.


Hardware, camera and OS

OnePlus 2 is packed with the usual 2015 flagship hardware and then some. What we have here is an 1.8GHz octa-core Snapdragon 810 SoC accompanied by 4 GB of RAM. There’s a lot of power involved, which can also mean problems. The processor packs some heat but it also gets overheated at times – not as high as other Snapdragon 810-packed devices like HTC One M9 – but it still gets hot when extensively used.


Performance-wise, the device runs very well, with some little drawbacks like the home button tardiness that will be fixed in a future OTA. The user experience is fluid and fast, but it seems like the device could do so much more.



OnePlus 2 camera



OnePlus 2 has a 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front-facing snapper. The One specs were the same, but you can clearly see some differences when it comes to image quality. The rear camera now has laser autofocus and optical image stabilization. The camera has a simple app with a user-friendly interface and basic features like Beauty, Clear image and HDR. The resulting images are pleasing and on par with similarly-specked offerings on the market.


OnePlus 2 is running on an Android 5.1.1 OS with its own skin on top, Oxygen OS. There are similarities between stock Android and OxygenOS because OnePlus has kept most of the stock functionality of Google’s operating system while improving its performance with more features such as Shelf – a secondary home screen. There are some drawbacks to this OS, for example the text message client which shows your messages and the messages your received from your responder in separate windows.


OnePlus 2 hardware





OnePlus 2 has a 3,300 mAh battery, an upgrade from the 3,100 mAh cell OnePlus One has. Since the screen size and resolution remain the same as with the previous model, power consumption should be stable, even if we are dealing with a more powerful SoC. Since the device does not have fast or wireless charging, you will be looking at long charging sessions for your device. You get a full day of usage even when you intensively use your phone, at least for starters. The biggest power-consumer on the Plus 2 is Android itself, which means there is not much you can do to improve your battery life.






OnePlus managed to construct another hit and it does live up to its motto “Never Settle”. OnePlus 2 builds on its predecessor and it does not lose its appeal, with a decent price, great hardware improvements and a budget-friendly price for a flagship-wannabe. It feels more premium, it is stronger and sturdier and its OS is pretty promising too.


It is not flawless though, as Plus 2 does sport some issues when it comes to the fingerprint reader and the home button, and with some confusing software options. It does not have a microSD slot, which means you will have to deal with 16/64GB of storage and the lack of fast charging may be an issue for some people too.


OnePlus 2 price



You can find OnePLus 2 selling for prices starting at $329. You can purchase it directly from OnePlus or from online stores. Sadly, the device still sells through the invite system, but it is much less restrictive than it was with OnePlus One.


Source: OnePlus, GSM Arena


Deals News

OnePlus 2 goes invite-free forever this week!

Want a OnePlus 2 device but are annoyed by the invite system? The company has decided to drop its invite system forever (at least when it comes to this device) and you get a bonus offer of buying a OnePlus X device without an invite between December 5th and December 7th.


OnePlus 2




Just in case you don’t get the chance of ordering one of the X devices – which sells for $249 – you will be able to get an iPhone case soon, but that will need an invitation.


You have to hurry up though, because if you want your OnePlus 2 to arrive before Christmas you have to place your order by December 7th.


OnePlus 2 spec list:


  • 5.5-inch LTPS IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen (1080 x 1920p) with Corning Gorilla Glass 4
  • qualcomm Snapdragon 810 octacore processor with Adreno 430 GPU
  • 3/ 4 GB RAM
  • 16/64 GB storage
  • 13MP primary camera plus 5MP front camera
  • Android 5.1 with Oxigen 2.1.2 UI
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • USP Type C
  • fingerprint scanner
  • 3300 mAh battery.


This is not all! Here are all the discounts you can get during December 5th-7th:


  • OnePlus 2 StyleSwap Covers are 50% off

  • Select OnePlus One accessories are 90% off

  • All other accessories are 10% off

  • As a special holiday gift, a limited number of first orders will receive an exclusive Never Settle mousepad!


If you like this new phone or are curious of how things go on a cheaper device with basically the same specs as a flagship, go to the source link below and get your own on December 5th.


Source: OnePlus forum



Marshmallow update for OnePlus One and 2 coming in 2016

If our news earlier gave you hope of an early Marshmallow update anytime soon for the OnePlus One or OnePlus 2, you will have to contain your happiness. And wait for a while because the update will not come up until Q1 2016. That means these updates will come any time between January 1st and March 31st, because there is no clearer time frame for it to happen yet.


Marshmallow update



OnePlus X was not included in this bit of news, but that does not necessarily mean it will get its Marshmallow update sooner either. The Q1 windows is only a promise for Cyanogen OS users which puts Oxygen OS on a whole different schedule. While we wait, OnePlus assured us that Oxygen OS maintenance updates will keep on rolling. A fingerprint scanner for OnePlus 2 is in the works, but they are waiting for Marshmallow to implement the built-in functionality just to make things easier.


Source: OnePlus

News Updates/Software

Oxygen OS v.2.1.1 for OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X is live!

Oxygen OS is being updated to version 2.1.2 and the OTA is going to the OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X. even if the update itself is the same version for both devices, the changelog is not very similar, and below you will find out why.


Oxygen OS


OnePlus 2 changelog


The smartphone is getting and improved preview interface on the camera plus some performance improvements when you install apps:

  • Improved UX for preview in Camera
  • Performance improvements on app install and launch
  • Individual icon customization support
  • Fixes for RAW format on 3rd party camera apps
  • Russian & Turkish language support
  • Lockscreen wallpaper support
  • Security patches
  • Bug fixes to System Update to improve OTA stability
  • General bug fixes and performance improvements

If you have a OnePlus X, your Oxygen OS update will include HDR mode color improvements and some bug fixes.


OnePlus X changelog:


  • UX bug fixes in the Camera app
  • Improvement to color offset in HDR mode
  • Bug fixes to System Update to improve OTA stability
  • System optimizations in low battery state
  • General bug fixes and performance improvements


The HD storage on OnePlus X is a known fact for the OEM, and it will apparently be addressed in a future update.

The Oxygen OS 2.1.1 update will roll out in stages and it will take a few days to get to every smartphone. When it does happen, you will get a notification on your device. it won’t be long now!


Source: AndroidPolice