NVIDIA SHIELD tablet K1 update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow goes live!

NVIDIA SHIELD tablet K1 got an update to Android Marshmallow today. It appears that NVIDIA is bringing timely updates to some of its mobile devices and the most recent is the K1 SHIELD tablet. This OTA brings the device to version 6.0 of Android.     Considering we are talking about Android Marshmallow, the changes will be big. Users will now be able to utilize the Doze feature, adoptable storage, Now on Tap and and updated camera, among other things.   New features for NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet K1:   NVIDIA SHIELD Camera – New UI inspired by Material Design, improved burst photo functionality, Adds new real-time HD Image Effects Now on Tap – Quickly find information related to what you are seeing on the screen, also from inside an app Adoptable Storage – MicroSD cards can be integrated with main internal storage, auto managed by system User Interface Upgrades – Personalize Home & Lock screens with different wallpapers, new NVIDIA wallpapers, Personalize Quick Settings menu, add/remove, rearrange toggles, Google Now voice commands can be launched from lock screen Improved App Permissions – Permissions are now managed centrally Power Consumption – App Standby power improvements, Improved BT Low Energy scanning power efficiency Source: NVIDIA via Droid Life

The Talos Principle – philosophy and puzzles on NVIDIA-run devices

The Talos Principle is a new game coming from Devolver Digital and Croteam and it tries to put together some successful genres, but with a twist. The not so good side of this game is that it will only work on devices with NVIDIA K1 or X1 hardware. At the moment, that includes NVIDIA Shield TV, NVIDIA Shield Tablet and Nexus 9. Would you like to try it?       The Talos Principle is a first-person puzzle game that uses realistic images and backgrounds to sell its philosophic science fiction ideas. The game was first available on the PC, where it got numerous distinctions and awards in 2014, and in June 2015 it also became available on select Android devices. In order to play the game you will need an external controller or you can extensively use the touchscreen.   The game turns the user into an android directed by a strange voice naming itself God. This intelligent android is then advised to progress through various spatial and logic puzzles in an age before an age, a Garden of Eden-like location, where they learn more about the environment, about their own purpose and their whole being. Of course, one must consider distrusting the voice of “God” and ask the right question to find the right answers.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3ZusbFFMzI       From a technical point of view, The Talos Principle may be considered one of the most complex games in the Google Play Store. It has huge environments with great architectural designs that will […]

Some Nvidia Shield tablets recalled due to battery fire hazard

NVIDIA shield tablets are going through a downward spiral at the moment since some of them are being recalled due to a possible fire hazard. Some portable consoles seem to be vulnerable to overheating batteries. The news broke on Friday and it came from the producer itself.       Nvidia asked its customers to stop using defectuous Shield tablets immediately in order for them to qualify for a recall and possible replacement. The recall is meant for 8-inch Shield tablets which were sold between July 2014 and July 2015.   Customers can check if their devices need to be recalled on Nvidia’s official website where they can find out if their devices have the problematic type of battery. If your tablet needs to be recalled, you can file a claim through the website and Nvidia will replace your device free of charge. How can you find out if your Nvidia tablet is susceptible to over-heating?   You can check for your device’s serial number; look for model numbers “P1761”, “P1761W”, and “P1761WX” and check if your serial number ranges from 0410215901781 to 0425214604018. If you have these numbers on your device, you should get in touch with the manufacturers.   The Nvidia Shield tablet is mainly destined for gamers, it has a price tag of $299 and it can cost more depending on the storage space you want.   Source: Fortune

NVIDIA adds new games to GRID: Saints Row 4 first followed by Alan Wake and Metro Last Light

NVIDIA is increasing its game collection on the streaming GRID service and one of the more famous items is Saints Row IV. Nvidia’s SHIELD Portable and SHIELD Tablet both present the custom game software known as GRID and what you should know is that it allows device owners to play certain PC games streamed from NVIDIA’s virtualized systems without having the physical PC nearby.     The GRID service is in beta at the moment but its popularity has slowly and steadily increased over time. By March, 40 PC games will be available for free on the platform. The first game added to the GRID service is Saints Row 4. In case you never played it (have you been under a rock all this time?) you should know that it’s a game similar to GTA only with much more craziness and hilarious nonsense. Starting February 24th, Alan Wake will also be available for SHIELD play. This Xbox game debuted in 2010 and it presents a moody atmosphere with a horrific story. The sequel entitled Alan Wake‘s American Dream is already available on GRID. On March 3rd another title will be showing its face on GRID: Metro Last Light redux. This post-apocalyptic shooter offers an interesting and mysterious story of survivors living in the Moscow Metro grid system after an all-out nuclear war destroyed the surface of the Earth. GRID will be in free beta until June 30th, and until then most of the 40 new titles will be live. NVIDIA will also be hosting a […]

SHIELD LTE tablet gets update to Android Lollipop 5.0 in the US

The SHIELD LTE tablet is getting an Android Lollipop update in the US. The 8” Nvidia tablet is finally getting an update and all US users are having something new for these Thanksgiving holidays (even if it’s just an OS).   The WiFi version of SHIELD got its update a week ago and at the time, Nvidia was waiting for approval from a certain US carrier (probably AT&T)  to carry on with pushing Android 5.0 to the LTE model.   Source: AndroidPolice

NVIDIA Shield Tablet update to v1.2.1 – minor updates including WiFi performance

NVIDIA Shield Tablet gets its update to v1.2.1 where it gets some interesting features. Most updates fix issues customers have been having for a while now, and below you can see the changelog for  v1.2.1: Performance optimizations for encrypted devices Improved WiFi performance on 5GHz band Intermittent charging  fixed. It’s not such a big update from 1.2 as it solves some lingering issues people have wanted to get fixed. Some charging issues may be fixed with this update as well. Nvidia doesn’t usually wait long before updating its devices but you may have to wait just a bit. Source: Nvidia   [wdsm_ad id=”1484″ class=” ” ]