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NVIDIA SHIELD tablet gets TWRP support

The NVIDIA SHIELD tablet finally received TWRP support today. After a year and a half of usage, Nvidia’s tablet is finally getting some Team Win Recovery project support, even if it did manage to satisfy people’s Android experience on a larger screen for a while without any software changes.





You could always choose another version of custom recovery to flash if you really wanted a different experience, but nothing compares to the real deal. The tablet lost some of its awesomeness already, so you can have fun with it much easier and light-heartedly now.


Although the SHIELD K1 tablet is basically the same thing with some minor changes, we are not sure if this support will work for it. K1 is also one of the best tablets on the market with great Android support.


Source: TWRP


Some Nvidia Shield tablets recalled due to battery fire hazard

NVIDIA shield tablets are going through a downward spiral at the moment since some of them are being recalled due to a possible fire hazard. Some portable consoles seem to be vulnerable to overheating batteries. The news broke on Friday and it came from the producer itself.


Nvidia Shield tablet



Nvidia asked its customers to stop using defectuous Shield tablets immediately in order for them to qualify for a recall and possible replacement. The recall is meant for 8-inch Shield tablets which were sold between July 2014 and July 2015.


Customers can check if their devices need to be recalled on Nvidia’s official website where they can find out if their devices have the problematic type of battery. If your tablet needs to be recalled, you can file a claim through the website and Nvidia will replace your device free of charge.

How can you find out if your Nvidia tablet is susceptible to over-heating?


You can check for your device’s serial number; look for model numbers “P1761”, “P1761W”, and “P1761WX” and check if your serial number ranges from 0410215901781 to 0425214604018. If you have these numbers on your device, you should get in touch with the manufacturers.


The Nvidia Shield tablet is mainly destined for gamers, it has a price tag of $299 and it can cost more depending on the storage space you want.


Source: Fortune

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NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV box – the new SHIELD device you can get at a decent price

NVIDIA SHIELD, the Android TV powered by a Tegra X1 chip, was recently unveiled at MWC and it appears it will officially come out in May. NVIDIA always puts its own twist on everything Android and this does not make any difference, considering this is a modified Android TV box.


Nvidia Shield


The SHIELD device has support for native 4K 60Hz video signals and access to NVIDIA GRID game streaming tech. Under the black and green chassis you will find a potent Tegra X1 ARM system on a chip with one Maxwell GPU (256-cores).


SHIELD remote


The device has a small remote with one dedicated voice search button that you can optionally buy for a decent amount of cash, of course. When it comes to gaming, the SHIELD will also be compatible with an existing controller. NVIDIA is planning on curating important Android games in its own SHIELD Store, and among the titles you will soon play on this console/ Android TV box you can find Doom 3 BFG Edition, Crysis 3and Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel. There are also games in the cloud aimed at at the moment.


Nvidia game


The GRID system will support 1080p streaming at 60 fps on fast connections, an improvement from the 720p with 30 fps it runs on at the moment. It will become available in two subscription offers, namely basic (720p) and premium (1080p). The subscriptions include already existing games but you will have to buy top tier AAA games yourself.


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  • Processor: NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor with 256-core Maxwell GPU with 3GB RAM
  • Video Features: 4K Ultra-HD Ready with 4K playback and capture up to 60 fps (VP9, H265, H264)
  • Audio Features: 7.1 and 5.1 surround sound pass through over HDMI, High-resolution audio playback up to 24-bit/192kHz over HDMI and USB, High-resolution audio upsample to 24-bit/192hHz over USB
  • Storage: 16GB, MicroSD slot (supports 128GB cards)
  • Wireless: 802.11ac 2×2 MIMO 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth: 4.1/BLE
  • Interfaces: Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI 2.0, Two USB 3.0 (Type A), Micro-USB 2.0
  • IR Receiver (compatible with Logitech Harmony)
  • Gaming Features NVIDIA GRID streaming service, NVIDIA GameStream
  • Weight: 23oz / 654g
  • Height: 5.1in / 130mm
  • Width: 8.3in / 210mm
  • Depth: 1.0in / 25mm




NVIDIA SHIELD box will be available for purchase starting May and it will have a price tag of $199. This price will include the SHIELD controller that you can separately buy of $60 now.

Source: NVIDIANews


Nexus 9 confirmed – possible official announcement on October 16

Nexus 9 is closer to reality than ever and, even if we don’t know exactly when it will launch yet, we do know that the newest Google tablet is made by HTC! The device could be revealed on October 16th, but that’s only speculation so far; the fact is that the device is confirmed by officials and some leaked hardware specs make it a wanted handset already!

Rumored hardware construction:

  • NVIDIA Tegra K1 Denver 64-bit processor
  • 9” IPS LCD 1920x1200p resolution screen
  • 32 GB storage space
  • MicroSD up to 128 GB
  • 8 MP Sony back camera
  • 1.6MP front camera.

If you find the specs similar to something, but you don’t know what yet, we shall reveal that the specs are similar to NVIDIA SHIELD tablets.

The tablet will most probably have frontal speakers with BoomSound tech and a keyboard folio could be included in the business plan as well.

It is possible that the new tablet will be officially announced by Google on October 16th, on the official Android L release event. Don’t forget about the Nexus 6 smartphone either, as it is bound to come from Motorola sooner or later.

Source: Slashgear,   Flickr

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NVIDIA SHIELD sold for $199 with a $25 Google Play credit bundle

NVIDIA SHIELD is part of a new promotion bundle where clients get $25 Google Play Credit with their $199 machine. Shield is a newish gaming machine that runs on Android and now it attempts to set its course on the market with a small bundle and a little discount.

NVIDIA SHIELD is now sold at the reduced price of $199 and it offers $25 Google Play credit to all those who buy the machine now. Users don’t even have to spend the $25 on games, as they can choose movies or music albums on the Google Play store as well. Initially, SHIELD had a $300 price tag in 2013, and it was a tough sell because of the lack of games and entertainment compatible with the OS, but now it has received more games, a control mapping feature and a price cut that makes it all the more appealing.

In order to get the bundle you will have to click this LINK because if you buy the SHIELD through its standard store page you will lose the bundle.



NVIDIA Shield owners rejoyce! Portal and Half Lofe 2 available on Google Store

NVIDIA Shield owners will be happy today as the new Portal and Half Life 2 games were ported and can now be found on the Google Play Store. They are only available for the device because they need a controller to be played. Each costs around $10. Considering they are older games from the Valve vaults, the porting was not very difficult, especially after Portal was ported first.

Portal, source Google Play
Portal, source Google Play

Portal is a fan favorite game as the player becomes a human test subject who has to escape the vile Aperture Labs before the murderous AI GlaDOS catches him/her. The game counts more on thinking and strategy rather than on usual combat to get past difficult obstacles.

Half life 2,  source Google Play
Half life 2, source Google Play

The other side with more active combat and various weapons is Half Life 2, the shooter where a scientist has to overcome different obstacles himself to stop the future from happening and the already destroyed world from being conquered by aliens. The lengthy single-player campaign uses solid sci-fi elements and action-packed shooter gameplay.

Each game will take around 2GB of storage and can be found on Google Play Store for $9.99 each. The NVIDIA SHIELD is available on the Internet at prices starting from $199.