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Snake Rewind – relive your addictive childhood on Android devices!

All of us who are decently aged and owned an old Nokia phone know about Snake. Now we can all bask in this little game’s glory once again as we can get an updated more beautiful Snake Rewind on our Android devices. Retro games are making a comeback, and the best part is they are upgraded and improved with flashier and prettier graphic details every time.



Snake Rewind



The creator of Snake, Taneli Armanto, is back with Rumilus Design in order to recreate and improve a mobile classic. We all know that game that quickly became an addicting public favorite. The simple and intuitive gameplay is once again reunited with iconic elements and everything you once knew as this classic game is turned into an electric game with awesome visual effects and improved sounds.


Snake Rewind features:


  • various types of fruit with different effects and powers
  • snake rewind to continue a game after crashing
  • 12 levels with different music and visuals, unlocked by completing missions
  • fruit store with boosters and items you can buy with real money or fruit
  • surprise when you fill the screen with snake
  • compete against other players with rankings and leaderboards, plus connect with friends on Game Center and Facebook.




The game can be found for free on the Google Play Store via the widget below. You will get the option of making in-app purchases if you want additional features and more fruit for everything!


Snake Rewind
Snake Rewind
Developer: Rumilus Design
Price: Free+
  • Snake Rewind Screenshot
  • Snake Rewind Screenshot
  • Snake Rewind Screenshot
  • Snake Rewind Screenshot
  • Snake Rewind Screenshot
  • Snake Rewind Screenshot
  • Snake Rewind Screenshot
  • Snake Rewind Screenshot


Deals News

[CES 2015] Microsoft launches Gold edition Nokia Lumia 930 and Lumia 830

CES is nearing its end tomorrow, but until then, Microsoft still has some aces up its sleeve. It just launched the Gold dition Nokia Lumia 830 and Lumia 930. The phones themselves are still the same flagship Lumia 930 and mid-range Lumia 830, but their neon colors are now changed to classy white and black backs with a Goldified finish.


Nokia Lumia 930


The devices look much better now, even if Microsoft is kind of late to the precious finish phone case party. The new design is pretty good looking, especially considering that this will probably be the last Nokia-branded bunch of devices ever launched.

The two handsets will not be available in the US but only in selected countries in Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and China. By the end of January, Nokia Lumia 930 will be available in both white and black hues, and the middle-ranged Lumia 830 will be ready for purchase starting February.


Nokia gold


Lumia 930 has a 5” 1080p screen with a Snapdragon 800 chipset and 2 GB of RAM, with 32 GB of storage and a 20 MP primary camera. Lumia 830 has the same 5” screen but with HD resolution and is powered by a Snapdragon 400, 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage with the possibility of enlarging storage by a max of 128GB via microSD slot.

Source: Lumia Conversation



Puzzlephone – the Finnish concept response to Google’s project Ara modular phone

Project Ara is not the only concept meant to create modular phones anymore, as Puzzlephone could be an improved version of Google’s efforts in the near future. This project belongs to Finland’s Circular Devices and their device would break into three parts where the spine would become the LCD screen with speakers and the basic structure whereas the Brain will be the camera and processor modules and the Heart is the battery with the second structures.





The idea stems from the success Project Ara had this year and it basically represents a much more basic idea. Phones are important devices in peoples’ lives right now, and when one component from your beloved mobile world is ruined, you feel as if your entire world is ruined. With the modular phone system, things would be much simpler as, when something breaks, you can replace it with a new portion and still keep your beloved handset at the expense of a battery and a processor or some RAM.


Puzzlephone 1



The Finnish company based in Espoo resides in the same town as the one Nokia sprouted from, and it has been working on Puzzlephone since 2013, and it appears to be close to producing a working prototype. They are definitely not on the same page as Google’s Ara project, which is said to get to store shelves as soon as the summer of 2015, but it’s a start. The phone is supposed to launch in the second half of 2015, and it would have a mid-range price.




The Puzzlephone would run on a forked Android OS version but its developers will be looking for third party developers and options in order to stay true to their open source standards. As Ara showed earlier this year, Puzzlephone proves to be an interesting and ambitious project which could revolutionize the mobile industry in basing it more on sustainability and step-by-step evolution as opposed to more and more different devices we see every year.  Only the public can say if this project will become a success or fade in oblivion.


Source: TheVerge

News Updates/Software

HERE Maps Android Beta APK found online – it works on most Android 4.0 devices

HERE Maps Android Beta APK from Nokia leaked online and it appears it works on other devices as well, not just on Samsungs. Months after Nokia said they will release a HERE mapping app destined for licensed Android partners, starting with Samsung, one apk leaked on MediaFire and was found by Android enthusiast site El Android Liber. It appears that HERE maps APK works not only with Samsung devices, but with non- Samsung devices running on Android 4.0 or higher.

HERE appears to run fine on most Android devices and can download cached maps of cities and regions users can utilize offline. In order to use the APK, customers will have to sign up for a Nokia HERE account or link to their Facebook accounts. Maps can be selected by country, which offer dense data according to the rate of population.

The app has support for search function and bookmarks, even if they are basic, and the performance seems slower than the usual Google Maps.

Initially, the HERE maps app will be allowed only on Samsung devices, and some Gear family devices will get support as well. The app will be available on Samsung’s App Store and when it is released on Google Play Store, it will only work on newer Samsung devices.

Source: MediaFire

hardware News

Microsoft relaunches its cheap and functional Nokia 130 phones

Even if Microsoft has already given up on an Android-powered Windows-running smartphone, the cheap dream is not over as Nokia’s extremely basic phones are some of the few devices that will not get cut from its upcoming roster. Today the company launched its newest handset, a Nokia 130, device which will be sold for $25 or 19 Euros. This is a basic cellphone which includes a FM radio, MP3 and videos and a flashlight. The device is directed to emerging markets where the smartphone hasn’t managed to take over with a considerable price.

Microsoft’s Jo Harlow recently said that the company will be sticking to Nokia’s basic cellphones, which can be used as burner phones as well, simply because the company has no other projects to reach the lower end of the market. Windows phone sets seem to have taken over the market at its lower end and its high-end at the same time. Do you think it’s a good decision?

hardware News

Nokia X2 to be released soon – a new low-end Android-powered Nokia device

Nokia ready for a new Android-powered device with the X2. The new device follows in the steps of the Nokia X line and it prepares a new and cheap device for everyone to love. X2 will be a new Android-powered device that will cost only $99! And it will be available immediately in select countries all over the globe.

Nokia X2, source Nokia
Nokia X2, source Nokia

Nokia X2 is a second generation phone and a fourth device to run on a form of Android OS, coming up a few months after the delight of Nokia X, X+ and XL. It appears that Nokia is aiming for the low-end market and it presents a 4.3 inch 800×400 screen with a 5MP primary camera and a smaller front facing camera just right for Skype and selfies. Inside the device you will find a Snapdragon processor with 1 GB of RAM and around 4 GB of storage. The device does have a microSD slot for those who most certainly will want more space.

Nokia X2 remains a solidly-built device coming in multiple colors and coated with translucent plastic that gives it a shiny look. It runs on a 1800 mAh battery and, UI wise, it presents virtual Home and Back buttons, the new back button accessing the custom Recents menu if you long-press it.

The newest Android-powered Nokia has a very much customized OS version that presents itself as a version of Jelly Bean. Google is nowhere to be found and it was replaced with Outlook, OneDrive and Skype for example. It has integrated Nokia app store, therefore you will find on trace of Google Playstore in sight.

Nokia X2 will not come up on American shelves too soon, but stay tuned for a possible US release date in the near future.

Source: Nokia