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US Cellular Moto E LTE and Moto X 2014 get OTA to Android 5.1

Motorola announced the Android 5.1 update a few weeks ago via a soak test in some countries but those times are nearly over as US Cellular has recently posted update details on their site. It appears that Moto E LTE and Moto X 2014 are getting a Lollipop update.


Moto X


When you go to the system update menu of your device you should be able to get the OTA. Your device will have to be completely stock and you will need a stable WiFi connection for this to work. This small update improves stability, solves a few minor UI problems and it makes a few changes to certain features. It’s not a big update in itself, but it’s always best to be as updated as possible.


Source: US Cellular

Accessories News

Motorola Moto X 2014 gets new real leather back in red color – option available for France, UK, Germany and the US

Motorola Moto X 2014 is back with a vengeance in its new red as fire leather outfit! If you live in France, UK, Germany or the US, you can now order a red Horween leather back panel for your Moto X2014 just to match your phone with your designer shoes!


Moto X


The upgrade itself is $25 in the US, just like all the other options, and you can even engrave it. For $50 or $100 you can add 32GB or 64GB of additional storage. The red leather option is available to all unlocked and carrier-discounted phones from AT&T and Verizon. The actual color of the coat could be a little different from what you see as in images it is shown a few hues brighter than the color seen in the Moto Maker.

Don’t forget this is real leather coming from a real cow so if you have an issue with that you should not buy it. Also, it will not be as durable as a usual plastic back. In time, it will absorb oils from you skin, which will deteriorate its appearance, making it look worn. But that could be a good thing for some people.

Source: Moto Maker