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Moto E 2015 open source files released today

Motorola is working on its current products and their software programs as it is attempting to update all of them. This ultimately means releasing kernel sources to the public as well. This time, the device getting this treatment is the 2015 Moto E, its low-cost smartphone. The device was updated to Android 5.1.1 in May and now its kernel source files are being published.


Moto E 2015



This will probably interest you developers out there and, if you are intrigued and eager, you can head over to Motorola GitHub (link in source) to find and download this package or any other Moto package that interests you (and is available at this time). After downloading the files, you can start tinkering with the source code to create beautiful ROMs, better recoveries and apps for instance.


Attention: this is not the package for the AT&T Go phone or the Verizon prepaid Moto E.


Source: Motorola GitHub

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US Cellular Moto E LTE and Moto X 2014 get OTA to Android 5.1

Motorola announced the Android 5.1 update a few weeks ago via a soak test in some countries but those times are nearly over as US Cellular has recently posted update details on their site. It appears that Moto E LTE and Moto X 2014 are getting a Lollipop update.


Moto X


When you go to the system update menu of your device you should be able to get the OTA. Your device will have to be completely stock and you will need a stable WiFi connection for this to work. This small update improves stability, solves a few minor UI problems and it makes a few changes to certain features. It’s not a big update in itself, but it’s always best to be as updated as possible.


Source: US Cellular

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Motorola Moto X line and Moto E get Android 5.1 release notes

The Moto X line is the perfect answer to people who don’t like the Nexus devices or who don’t want to be the second testers to everything Google related. Motorola remains devoted to updating its devices and it seems that Android 5.1 will soon come to both Moto X versions AND to Moto E.


Moto X


The release notes were already posted and you now know what to expect from the 5.1 OTA. Below you can see the 1st generation Moto X changes.


Moto X update


Here you can see what the changes for Motorola Moto E are:


Moto E update


The most important fact about these updates in not that they are happening but that they were made public. The original Moto X versions are accompanied by the AT&T and T Mobile and Pure editions.

The update should roll out soon and Moto X and Moto E users will be joining the 1st gen Moto X lovers out there.

Source: DroidLife


Motorola Moto E Verizon to launch soon with LTE and secondary camera

Motorola Moto E is back, with LTE support for Verizon. If the previous generation did not have a front camera OR LTE; this time around this budget device is near perfect. The device is branded to Verizon’s liking because it will apparently be an exclusive – or at least this version of it will – , and the above image is proof that this is what it looks like. There’s no information regarding its price tag or launch date so far.


Moto E Verizon


Considering that Moto E has LTE, the slower Snapdragon processor is the safest bet to consider, along with a front facing camera and a noise-cancelling microphone. The Sprint variant has a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm chip, 1 GB of RAM, and a 4.5” 960x540p display. This could be what the Verizon variant looks like on the inside.

Source: AndroidPolice

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Motorola Moto E shows up on Best Buy – you can’t buy it yet though

Motorola’s second generation Moto E is not officially launched yet, but it was already spotted on Best Buy at the price of $99 for Sprint prepaid service attached. Considering that the Best Buy listing does not show shipping as an option, it is safe to say you can’t buy one yet.


Moto e


The device also shows off a bit of a spec list, although incomplete. You can see what it’s made of here:

  • Moto E has 8 GB of storage
  • A 4.5 inch 540x960p screen
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • A Qualcomm 1.2 GHz processor (probably a Snapdragon 200)
  • Wireless 3G/4G/4G LTE
  • Measurements are 5.12 x 2.64 x 0.47-inches, 5.04 ounces.

It is not sure yet if Motorola will make an official announcement or if they will just bring the device in stores without previous notice.

Source: AndroidPolice


Motorola Moto E second generation possibly spotted in leaked photo

Motorola Moto E second generation may have appeared in leaks, AndroidPolice reports. The cheap Moto device was a favorite among low-budget hunters for its below $150 price. Its second generation will appear soon and, until then, we can only hope to see new leaked images.


Motorola Moto E


The leaked photo you can see above does not present a Moto G because it does not have a second speaker grille on the front, plus the body ratio proportions are weird. There is no camera flash which means this is indeed a cheap phone. Among the pluses you will find are a secondary noise-cancelling microphone on the back cover and a front-facing camera.

Even if we don’t know much about the technical specifications, we are sure that this new cheap device will run on Android Lollipop 5.0 at launch.

Considering this new photo, we must assume that Moto E second generation’s announcement can’t be that far off; we may even spot it at the MWC in Barcelona in March or even sooner.

Source: Androidpolice