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Android Wear watch from Intel and Fossil: get ready for some competition!

A new Android Wear watch is being made and it is the fruition of a combination between Intel and Fossil. The announcement was made at the Intel Developers Conference, where Intel usually presents its new chips, but also some other things.


Android Wear watch



This watch was teased for a while now, and the first official image seems to point at a cross-breed between the Moto 360 and LG Watch Urbane. Fossil’s watch and Intel’s Tag Heuer device are the first smartwatches or Android Wear-friendly devices made by old-school watchmakers and not tech companies like LG, Samsung, Apple or ASUS. Fossil is said to possibly supply designs for well-known brands such as Michael Kors and Giorgio Armani.


This new Android wear watch is not the only project Fossil has going on as they will soon launch a connected bracelet and watch. It is safe to say that Intel does not want to reveal more information regarding the watch at the moment. It doesn’t have an official name or official specs yet and it is expected to launch sometime this holiday season.


That is all we know about the Android Wear watch from Intel and Fossil, but more details will be released soon. Stay tuned!


Source: Gizmodo

Accessories News

Google advertises new leather bands for Android Wear devices from new manufacturers just before Apple’s Watch launch

If Apple is trying to sell its Watch to the public well before its official debut, Google is working on highlighting  sets of straps available for the various Android Wear devices you can choose from, including but not limited to E3 Supply Co., Worn & Wound and Clockwork Synergy.


Leather bands


E3 Supply and Clockwork Synergy will supply different bands for five separate Wear devices: Samsung Gear Live, Moto 360, LG G Watch and G Watch R and Asus ZenWatch. Clockwork offers leather bands in 15 different colors as well and owns the cheapest ones, starting at $12.95 ($22.95 full price).


bands Android wear


Worn & Wound supports ZenWatch, G Watch R and G Watch but prices are just as high as E3 ones, around $65. You can only get the bands from these manufacturers on their respective sites listed in the source links as you will not find them anywhere on Google Play store or on tech manufacturers’ pages.

Source: E3 Supply Co, Clockwork Synergy, Worn and Wound, Android Blog

Deals News

Motorola promotion: discounts on devices starting February 2nd

Motorola will soon offer a deal you cannot refuse. Starting February 2nd, if you want to buy someone you love a nice present in the shape of a Moto X or, say, Moto 360,  you will get  a nice discount on the sale price.


Motorola ad


In order to get the deal, you have to sign up HERE starting Monday, February 2nd, at 11 AM CST. After you receive a code in the email, you will be able to redeem it by 10:59 PM CST Saturday February 14th, meaning you have two weeks to choose your device at a smaller price.

In case you didn’t manage to sign up, you can still get the $100 discount of $499.99 or $35 off $249.99 during the promotional period. In this manner, if all the codes are already taken when you reach the site or if you didn’t find out about the offer in time, you can still save a little.

The site sign up brings you a $150 save off $499.99 from Moto X and $50 off $249.99, the full price of Moto 360.




The offer will not include the Nexus 6 or Republic Wireless device versions. Below you can see official additional details regarding Motorola’s promotions:

  • Register on Monday February 2, from 11am – 11:59pm CT OR after 200,000 promo codes have been distributed for a code worth $140 off your pre-tax purchase of $499.99 OR $50 off a pre-tax purchase of $249.99.
  • You must use a shipping address within the U.S.
  • On Tuesday, February 3: $100 off $499.99 OR $35 off $249.99 site-wide.
  • Consumers have until February 14 at 10:59pm CT to redeem.
  • This offer excludes Nexus 6, Moto X (2nd Gen.) on Republic Wireless, and the Extended Service Plan. Limit two devices among Moto X (2nd Gen.), Moto G (2nd Gen.), Moto G 4G LTE (1st Gen.), Moto E, and Moto 360. Promotions cannot be combined.

Source: Motorola blog

Accessories Apps News

Stealth 360 Android Wear Watch Face – make your Moto 360 shine elegantly in the dark

Stealth 360 Android Wear Watch Face is a new little app that makes your high-tech wearable resemble a Tron machine. The app lets your device turn into a futuristic clock with a little bit more restraint than a regular Sci-Fi. It basically resembles an Alienware or Razer device you wear on your hand!

It has various markers and chic clock hands that change its appearance, but it remains a regular watch with an easy to understand layout. Your options are blue and red hue for the markers and second hands so that you can see what time it is in all situations.

Stealth360 can be found on Google Play Store at the price of $1 USD and it works best for round watches, being perfect for the black Moto 360 variant in particular. The great part is it can be installed and used on any Android Wear device.

[googleplay url=”″]

[googleplay url=””]



News Updates/Software

Moto 360 minor update to fix bugs and improve Bluetooth Connectivity

Moto 360 is getting a small system update that solves a few bugs and issues. The version number remains the same and the problems taken care of regard Bluetooth connectivity and optimizations.

Some Motorola users report better performance following the update, including better sensitivity to movement.

The update includes a message confirming that Moto 360 is charging when the battery is already fully worn-out and the Bluetooth connectivity between the phone and the smartwatch is improved in order to reduce momentary disconnects.

Source: AndroidPolice

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Apple Watch – the first details regarding Apple’s first smartwatch exposed!

Apple Watch has finally seen the light of day! After a few good years of rumors, the Apple Watch is officially upon us. Don’t you dare call it the iWatch now! The wearable is supposed to work along with an iPhone and seems to be packed with sensors that monitor your overall well-being. It also runs the usual (customized) apps and notifications AND it lets you make purchases with the NFC tech involved (you will be able to instantly buy the McBurger you love so much too!).

The Apple wearable will be available in 1.5” and 1.65” versions with different colors and style options for them and, more importantly, their watchbands. Prices start at $349, but the device itself will not be touched by the usual customer until next year. The watch is advertised as working just great for everyone, no matter what you like or where you work. Apple also likes to put an emphasis on the multi-functionality of the device when it comes to hardware and software alike.

The iWatch models seem solid and light, and have a small curved sapphire Retina touchscreen that matches the small pebble-shaped body. The screen has sharp and powerful colors but the display is a bit reflective when it comes to rays of light.


Apple Watch


The devices have a custom S1 SiP (system in a package) chip with GPS, Wi Fi 802.11 b/g, and various sensors: a built-in heart rate monitor and an accelerometer included. They present Siri and Apple Pay support, MagSafe wireless charging and a Taptic Engine with built-in speaker combo for instant tactile feedback.

Apple Watch is compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It is available in three different versions: Apple Watch Edition (yellow gold or 18karat rose), Apple Watch Sport (silver anodized aluminum and space gray) or Apple Watch (space black stainless steel or polished version).

The Apple Watch is not a shabby device but it does not compare to Moto 360, which is a bolder statement and a better device altogether. The wearable is not groundbreaking on the niche market as there are better devices already out there, but it doesn’t look too bad. It presents different styles and colors of wristband that can be purchased at your leisure and that satisfy any and every taste.

Apple plans to launch the device early 2015 and not many other details regarding the dubbed iWatch are known yet.


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