Toca Nature – create a natural world on your mobile device!

Toca Nature is a newish adventure developed by Toca Boca AV that could entertain kids and their parents! This game lets you take control of an entire world and you become a sort of god that can create nature, order and chaos, as you please.       Toca Nature lets you shape and develop nature. You can plant trees and watch them grow, surround them with water or elevate hills and mountains. You can enjoy views and collect herbs or feed animals if you please. You will have to discover what each animal consumes and how you can protect every species from another. You can walk through different landscapes and you can make animals your friends! The game presents day and night cycles and various challenges for you.   Toca Nature is found in the Google Play Store and it is compatible with devices running on Android 4.3 and above. It costs $2 and if we made you pay attention to this, take a further look below:

Minecraft Pocket Edition gets update with new and fun features!

Minecraft Pocket Edition just received an update! This little PC hit quickly spread throughout the gaming world in recent years – be it console, PC or mobile gaming – and it has also become subject to many jokes from mainstream gamers all over the world. Pocket Edition became a little hit on its own, especially because of the continuous support it received from Mojang and later Microsoft.       Minecraft Pocket Edition is getting an update to version 0.12.1 and you will find some interesting tweaks and changes floating around including, but not limited to: sprinting and sneaking, taming ocelots and powerful golems. Most of these things you already know if you also dabble in Minecraft PC versions.   You can now play with up to four friends and their controllers or Android devices, even Windows 10 devices! Yes, that’s right, you can now cross-play with friends from different devices!   Official Minecraft Pocket Edition changes: [box type=”shadow”]What’s New: The Nether and all its inhabitants. Fight Ghasts and make friends with Pigmen Cross platform play for up to five players between Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Revamped touch controls, controller support, and a controller mapping screen Enhanced Weather effects! Accumulating snow and more Ocelots! Try taming one with a fish Experience, Anvils, Brewing, and enchantments. Time to up your game, crafter Golems. We recommend you approach with caution Flower pots. We recommend you fill them with flowers Sneaking and sprinting! Express yourself through movement! Loads of bug fixes that are too boring to list […]

New Mobile Humble Bundle available – see what games you can get here!

A new Mobile Humble Bundle is live, and this time it all starts with games for kids! It seems to be another week another mobile bundle that keeps adding more and more games as they near their lives’ end. You can get some expensive games basically for free and you can help charities in the process.     This Mobile Humble Bundle doesn’t have a specific theme as it happened with previous bundles, but its games are not bad. You get two tiers and there will probably be another one added soon.   The first tier gets you Amelia, One More Time and Toy Defense for as little as $1. If you pay more than the average price, which is $4.50 right now, you also get Double Dragon Trilogy, Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath and Autumn Dynasty. The games will not have any ads, in-app purchases or DRM.   This Mobile Humble Bundle will be available for the next 14 days and more games will be added next week. You will have to have purchased the second tier in order to get the new games when they are added.   Source: Humble Mobile Bundle

Square Enix reveals Lara Croft GO – a new adventure exploration mobile game coming to mobile devices

Square Enix just announced launching a mobile game for Tomb Raider. This game comes a little while after the franchise itself began feeling like a total exploit on all platforms. In the near future you will also get the chance to try another title from the franchise aside from Lara Croft Relic Run. The newest game in the franchise bears the name Lara Croft GO.     This title will be action and exploration-based while at the same time maintaining the turn-based puzzling experience from Hitman GO, another title using the same basic gaming specs.   This video shows some of the gameplay and the graphic side of it all looks rather endearing. Lara Croft GO will be available on tablets and smartphones later this year and it will not be a free title, also presenting the in-app purchase method for hints on how to proceed further in the game. Source: Square Enix

[Deal of the week] Mobile Humble Bundle available with Worms 3, Hellraid: the Escape and Puzzle Retreat among others

There’s a new Mobile Humble Bundle available out there starting today and what this means is that you will definitely spend some money on games today! You will even feel better because you will be helping some charities too!     There are two tiers in this new bundle, as is the trend nowadays. You get some games for the minimum you can spare and more if you pay average or above average. In the pay-anything category you get Hellraid: the Escape, The Ministry of Silly Walks and Timelines: Assault on America. If you pay more than average you also get Worms 3, Puzzle Retreat and Twisty Hollow for starters, with more games to follow. All the above titles are DRM-free and can be installed on any Android device. They are not all as more games will be added during the week but you get access to them if you buy now. The premium tier will assure you of getting all the titles out there. Source: Humblebundle

LEGO Star Wars: the Complete Saga now on Google Play Store

LEGO Star Wars: the Complete Saga is now on the Google Play Store. There’s not that much time left until Christmas when the new and improved Episode VII of the neverending saga reaches movie screens and until then you can relive the first 6 episodes via the LEGO game series. It was launched on consoles in 2007 and now it reached the Play Store where you will have to pay $7 to get access to it.     This app retells the main story of the movies in a LEGO-like fashion by replacing most of the plot with comedy. Genre-wise, the game is a mix of puzzles, collecting items and platforming elements. The game is pretty simple and presents original takings on scenes and a variety of characters you can play with.     LEGO Star Wars does not contain any in-app purchases and it will need a decent device to run well as most budget phones and tablets will have difficulties running it.   [googleplay url=””]