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Google Hangouts just got its own site today!

Google Hangouts just got its own sweet web page! After being an extension or an app for so long, Google’s response at a Messenger option finally got its own home and it is looking good. If you want to chat with a friend, have a voice call or send an emoji, you can do so from . Plus, you have everything related to your Google account, including your mobile device data, at a click’s distance!


Google Hangouts



This page has not broken from the parent domain, at least not yet. It appears that domain names are not Google’s priority, as someone else owns the Hangouts domain already.


Why did Google Hangouts change?

This change can be examined as an example of Google’s separation of services following the shift to Alphabet, along with the Photos product. How many people will switch from the Hangouts extension to the page version is unclear, but if more options appear, things could rapidly change.



Hangouts features



This change is a great branding exercise for Google. It is mainly done because the company is testing waters with powerful brands such as Facebook, Snapchat or Microsoft. Google now has Photos and Hangouts going on, while Facebook uses Messenger and Instagram as extensions of its services. More and more social media platforms are stretching their tendrils out and Google – being one of the most powerful entities on the internet – better get in the game.


Source: Techcrunch

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[App of the day] Touchless Chat allows you to send messages on popular messaging applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Viber by using your voice

Some developers love the virtual world and believe so much in creating the perfect experience that they strive to cultivate the perfect app. Touchless Chat could be such a thing, especially since it will push your phone to new limits. The app uses Google Now command integration as well as your voice in order to help you interact better via your device. You can thus interact via voice commands when it comes to sending messages to contacts. This way you can initiate conversations through your voice, without having to type.


Touchless chat


Touchless Chat requires quite a few permissions in order to work, including notification access, device administrator, and accessibility. Just say “thank you” you won’t need root access. The app lets users communicate with contacts from different widgets or through Google now and they can reply to incoming messages too by allowing you to choose a preferred app for each contact as well as a language to use when talking to them and a nickname to help you recognize them easier.


The app supports Hangouts, SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype and other messaging applications. It also presents automated Smart Repliers that reads messages and sends specific replies when you are busy.

Touchless Chat is free to try but it will show a link to the app on every message you send. You can get rid of that if you make an in-app purchase that starts at $2 but that may go up as time goes by.


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