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HTC posts Lollipop RUU for T Mobile HTC One M7

HTC just posted the full Lollipop RUU for T Mobile’s One M7. Considering that most carriers have already started rolling out Lollipop OTAs to One M7 and M8 versions, HTC decided to upload full RUUs of Android 5.0 to its own websites. These files help you update your device if you haven’t received the OTA automatically or if for some reason, you were unable to implement it (*cough like a bricked device, maybe? *cough).


HTC One M7


To be able to install the RUU you will have to first download the 1.5GB file to your computer. You have to install HTC Sync in order to get the needed drivers to connect to your device. If you don’t feel sure about it, HTC offers helpful instructions above the download link so be relieved you can safely use them. This update will wipe your data so you should back up everything you want to save before attempting the process. After the process is completed, your T Mobile HTC One M7 will have software version 7.18.531.2.

Source: HTC

News Updates/Software

HTC recently released the Lollipop RUU for Sprint’s HTC One M8 (Sprint and Harman Kardon edditions only)

HTC recently posted the full Lollipop RUUs for Sprint’s One M8 and for the Harman Kardon edition.


Sprint HTC M8


In order to install the update manually, if you want to do so in case something goes wrong with the OTA, you will need a computer and some appropriate drivers. You can obtain the latter by installing HTC Sync on your PC if your device is not recognized when you plug it in. after the One M8 shows up, you can launch the RUU and follow the steps you will find in the install wizard.

Keep in mind that the RUU install will totally clear files on the device. You should also make a backup to keep your data safe. You can get the RUU (1.4GB of it) instructions from this link HERE or HERE.

Source: One M8