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LG G Pad II 10.1- mid-range 10-inch tablet for the entire world

LG G Pad II 10.1 was officially announced today, just a few days later to the 8-inch version. The G Pad II 8 version was initially announced as a South-Asian exclusive. It has a pretty underwhelming tech construction with its Snapdragon 210 processor with 1.5 Gigs of RAM and full size USB port plus a stylus. The 10 inch version seems to be something better and, of course, bigger.


LG G Pad II 10.1



Why is LG G Pad II 10 different?


LG G Pad II 10.1 acts as a whole different thing because it is trying to sport more actual features than its smaller sister. It uses a 1920x2000p screen, which is basically the lowest resolution a 10-inch tablet should have to consider itself any good.


The rest of the specs don’t sound that bad either: Snapdragon 800 processor with 2GB of RAM, Android 5.1.1 and 16GB of storage plus a microSD card. Everything is powered by a 7400 mAh battery AND you can get it in purple or brilliant bronze. The cameras are kinda the lowest score for the LG G Pad tablet: a primary 5MP camera plus a 2MP front snapper.





The LG G Pad II 10.1 does have some interesting and “unique” features like a reader mode where the blue light of the screen is decreased, and a multi-window mode. The device will have pre-loaded Microsoft Office apps and it gets 100 GB of free storage on the OneDrive system. It is available in Wi-Fi and LTE versions.


LG’s mid-range tablet will be available in Europe, Asia and North America, but we have no details regarding its price at the moment.


Source: LG newsroom

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LG G Pad F 8.0 to join AT&T starting May 29th

LG G Pad F 8.0 is one of the newest iterations from the South-Korean manufacturer and it will get on the US market as soon as May 29th. F is a pretty strange letter for a line of products but it appears that LG thought it would be a great denominator between these mid-range devices and its more popular G series.


LG G pad F


G Pad F 8.0 is an AT&T exclusive; a tablet that will sell for $149.99 paired with a two-year contract or $250 for a 20-months interest-free installment plan that spreads the 20 monthly payments to $12.50 each. The full price of the device is roughly around $250 as well.



This 8” tablet has a HD+ screen at 1600×900p resolution and sports a stylus, plus a full-sized USB port, making it perfect for pairing with a PC accessory or even external storage. Under the hood you will find a Snapdragon 400 processor with some RAM, a 5 MP camera and 16GB of storage paired with a MicroSD slot. It’s all powered by a 4200 mAh battery.

It is notable to mention that the device will probably run on a LG-flavored Lollipop version and it has QPair, a feature that allows answering calls and texts on paired AT&T smartphones.

Source: AT&T


Verizon’s LG G Pad X leaked in photos by @evleaks

Verizon’s LG G Pad X was leaked today and the images come from our old friend @evleaks of course. It seems that retiring is just not in his veins as the famous Twitter user just keeps busting out mobile news even though he announced his withdrawal from the leaking game months ago. If you’ve ever seen an LG tablet before, it’s no new news really, but it is a new product though.


G Pad X


The new Lollipop tablet seems to be made from brushed aluminum – partially at least – and there will also be some stereo speakers in the back. There’s plenty of room for the Verizon logo you can see everywhere, as usual. There’s no news on the spec front yet, but the screen looks around 8.3 inches. It also looks like an upgrade from the usual budget LG tablets already out there.

Source: @evleaks via AndroidPolice