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Moto Maxx Motorola gets Android 5.1.1 kernel source released

Motorola just released the Android 5.1.1 kernel source for its Moto Maxx device. Now, it’s time for you tinkers, modders and developers out there to do your magic on this device. You can find the kernel files on GitHub where they are hidden under the codename Quark next to other Motorola devices that got the treatment in the past.


Moto Maxx


General, less-knowledgeable users can also download the files but they will probably do nothing with them. Us lay people will not be as successful in using kernel source files anyway.


Moto Maxx kernel



If you didn’t already know, Droid Moto Maxx is a DROID Turbo device sold by other carriers and that is not available in the US, at least not via carriers.


Source: GitHub via AndroidPolice

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HTC One M9 open source code posted online – most European variants available

HTC just posted the kernel source for One M9, which can only mean that a seasoned dev can tinker all he wants with HTC’s new flagship. You can take it from the dev site in the source link below and you should know it is based on Android 5.0.1, measuring around 500MB.


HTC open source


The download options include Asia, UK and a few other European country variants yet no US versions are available.

Usual users will not be too interested in this update because there’ s not much you can do with just these open source files. Developers can flash them to improve app functionality and work towards creating stable custom ROM builds for the device.

Source: HTC Dev via AndroidPolice

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HTC One M8 developer/ unlocked editions Sense 6 kernel source posted on HTCdev

HTC just posted the Lollipop kernel source for HTC One M8 developer and unlocked editions. A few weeks ago, HTC released the Sense 6 Lollipop updates to these devices and now the kernel source has also been posted to the HTCdev site. Bear in mind that this version is only compatible with Sense device, not with the Google edition.




If you are an eager custom ROM developer you will definitely enjoy these new resources to flash third-party software on your device. The kernel source has Brightstar US as a carrier, but this is only their way of saying that this is available for GSM unlocked phones. T Mobile and AT&T kernel sources will be posted as they become available. You can find the kernel in the source link below.

Source: HTCDev