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[Deal of the day] New Humble Mobile Bundle: get Spaceteam, the Last Express, Monument Valley and Joe Danger by paying what you want!

The newest and truest Humble Mobile Bundle around is live and you can pay whatever you want to get some rad games. You can get some pretty expensive games at a cheap price and help charities in the meantime too. The first games look pretty good, and there are more titles to come as well. If you hurry up, you can get the whole bundle for a lot cheaper than what it may cost later on.


Humble bundle


There are two mini-bundles at the moment, one you can get for the minimum amount and it includes Spaceteam Premium, The Last Express and Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous.

If you pay more than the average ($3.85 at the moment of writing this article) you also get Monument Valley, Joe Danger and Blek, with more games to follow. The additional games are made available in a week and they will only be available when you pay above the average.

Source: HumbleBundle

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[Game of the week] Joe Danger – defy death in its racing console glory days

If you’re feeling like going down nostalgia lane on your mobile device, remember Joe Danger, that fun game you could play with on PS3 and Xbox 360 a few years back? This little game lets you get into Mr.’ Danger’s skin and on his motorcycle to compete across various courses while you try to collect coins and avoid obstacles. Now you have the opportunity of playing it on your Android device in exactly the same graphics and setting as its glory days.


Joe Danger game Joe Danger


Joe Danger is a side-scroller that blends racing and platformer elements where you swipe and tap in order to collect items, avoid obstacles and disable traps. Some courses even present you with opponents worth fighting with for the first prize. You also get a multiplayer mode and around 20 hours of gameplay.



The game is not free, but you can get it for $3 in the Google Play Store and the lingering temptation of in-app purchases could make you buy some coins. You get plenty of coins by just playing the game alone, which means that in-app purchases will not be such a big temptation after all.

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