iPhones Bendgate situation cleared – see the most durable phones on the market

iPhones are always controversial devices because they are always targets to puns, mock commercials and slamming at their launch. This time the new iPhone 6 models are “victims” in a scandal entitled #Bendgate. Why it is named so, you ask? Because of a recent viral video where a guy is bending an iPhone 6 Plus with his bare hands and the device seems to work very well after that. Other photos of the same bending technology seem to show an iPhone 6s, but were not confirmed yet. Although the media and social media exploded with memes and speculations regarding iPhone 6 Plus’ super bending powers, Consumerreports wanted to see just how bendable the device is and they even compared it with other devices, including Android flagships launched this year. The test implied an Instron machine, the new iPhones, the old iPhone 5 and the likes of LG G3, HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The phones were supported on two points on each end and the middle was struck with an increasing force.     It appears that all phones are pretty solid and they started to break at 90 pounds of applied force (HTC M8), whereas the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus cracked at 100 and 110 pounds respectively. The most resistant devices are the Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which splintered their screens and stopped functioning under the applied force. During the test, LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 were the most durable because they recovered […]

Apple hides iPhone 6 bulge in official photos

Apple’s design team may have screwed up a little when it comes to iPhone 6’s slimness and streamlined profile comments. It seems that an unpleasant bulge is breaking the harmony in iPhone 6’s new looks and that bulge comes from the camera. You won’t spot it in promotional photos though, as it seems the rendered images have cut out the bulge completely.     The latest iPhone is slimmed down to just 6.9mm, but its rear is just a bit unbalanced by the camera bulge. It seems that on the website you won’t find the detail in the big pictures, whereas in reality you will definitely notice it. The official press released images have been altered as well so in most pictures you will not see anything to curve the perfect lines of the iPhone 6. Of course nobody wants to see unpleasant bulges, but they should not just be cut off in post-processing. The move could mean perfect lighting, trickery or innovative placement, but in the end it seems like it has purposely been cut to make the ads more appealing to possible customers. Source: TheVerge Photo source: Apple  [wdsm_ad id=”1484″ class=” ” ]

Apple Breaks Records in selling over 4 million devices in the first 24 hours after launch

It appears that every year, Apple manages to break yet another record. This time, the high-tech monolith managed to sell no less than four million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices in the timeframe of only 24 hours! The devices are preordered of course, since the official commercial launch of the new generation of Apple products will take place on Friday, September 19. It seems that the pre-order hype will pose as a difficulty for a large number of customers as the pre-order supply is long exceeded. Most preorders will be taken care of in September and October, as Apple sources say. The striking sales come a few days after the annoying pre-order process which lead to the discovery that iPhone 6 Plus is in short supply. Apple rarely releases the number of pre-order devices but last year it reported selling over two million iPhone 5 devices in the first 24 hours after the launch and more than five million in the first weekend after the launch. Source: Apple   [wdsm_ad id=”1484″ class=” ” ]

Apple Watch – the first details regarding Apple’s first smartwatch exposed!

Apple Watch has finally seen the light of day! After a few good years of rumors, the Apple Watch is officially upon us. Don’t you dare call it the iWatch now! The wearable is supposed to work along with an iPhone and seems to be packed with sensors that monitor your overall well-being. It also runs the usual (customized) apps and notifications AND it lets you make purchases with the NFC tech involved (you will be able to instantly buy the McBurger you love so much too!). The Apple wearable will be available in 1.5” and 1.65” versions with different colors and style options for them and, more importantly, their watchbands. Prices start at $349, but the device itself will not be touched by the usual customer until next year. The watch is advertised as working just great for everyone, no matter what you like or where you work. Apple also likes to put an emphasis on the multi-functionality of the device when it comes to hardware and software alike. The iWatch models seem solid and light, and have a small curved sapphire Retina touchscreen that matches the small pebble-shaped body. The screen has sharp and powerful colors but the display is a bit reflective when it comes to rays of light.     The devices have a custom S1 SiP (system in a package) chip with GPS, Wi Fi 802.11 b/g, and various sensors: a built-in heart rate monitor and an accelerometer included. They present Siri and Apple Pay support, MagSafe wireless charging and […]

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus unveiled today! on sale starting September 19

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were unveiled today at the special event held by Apple at Cupertino. It will become available on the market on September 19th and until then we can accustom ourselves better with the device. Design-wise, it is much larger and rounder than the former incarnations of the seventh and lesser generations of iPhone, but other than that, not many apparent changes can be seen. iPhone 6’s price will start from $199 on a two year contract whereas the phablet-sized iPhone 6 Plus will have a price starting from $299 on contract. Apple seems to have drifted apart from the squared-off design of its previous model and it finally opted for a more curved and rounded edge with the eight generation of phones. iPhone 6 is 6.9 mm thick whereas the 6 Plus is a tad thicker, at 7.1 mm, but still thinner than the iPhone 5S and its robust 7.6mm. The new Apple smartphone has a 4.7” LED back-lit display running at 1334x750p (326 ppi) dubbed the Retina HD display that seems small and lackluster when opposed to the iPhone 6 Plus and its 5.5” full HD 1920 x 1080p (401 ppi) screen. Both devices have A8 64-bit second generation processors paired with M8 new-generation motion coprocessors and 1 GB of RAM (only?) each. When it comes to selfies and photos, the phone offers an 8MP iSight lens sensor that can shoot videos at HD resolution in Slo-mo as well. The front-facing FaceTime camera is HD now and allows in up […]