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R.A.B.B.i.T. ninjas almost ready to conquer your screen!

Just in time for Easter comes R.A.B.B.i.T., a cute little fluffy platformer adventure with a superhero of its own. Bunnies are all fluffy, adorable and cuddly, but behind this day-life of theirs hides a secret identity: they are secret ninjas leaping through the shadows (maybe that’s how they leave those egg baskets hidden everywhere just in time for Easter!).




This little game gives you control over R.A.B.B.i.T. ninjas as they do their heroic act by swinging from building to building at night. Every time you play the game you will get a new experience because the background and the levels are procedurally generated at every play. You get four types of game: survival, challenge, custom and sprint. In order to play all you have to do is press and hold on the surface to grapple and swing and you release to let go of it.




The game is currently in development and it will release sometime this year for iOS and Android devices. It will be free to play from TriCat Games!


Source: TriCat Games

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Oddhop preview – battle cute little creatures in hundreds of puzzle worlds!

In a surprising turn of events, you may be able to turn nice cute creatures against themselves soon, when Oddhop launches to mobile devices. This little indie mobile game will teach you to destroy an entire population of things save for one, just to show the others what you are capable of and that they should never ever cross you again. Basically this is a puzzle game where you get points by eliminating creatures one by one.





In Oddhop you will make the creatures jump on each other to take themselves out of the game. You have to let one live so that it may go beck to the rest of the tribe and act as a messenger and a guide to your next killing grounds. You have over 100 sweet puzzles and three types of creatures with different features plus you can explore different terrain types. Other elements that may help or distract you are portals, platforms and statues. If the game is a success, the devs say they will add even more levels for free!




Oddhop is in development at the moment, and it will release somewhere in the summer on iOS and Android devices. The game itself will be free, with ads, but you will have the option of making a one-time purchase to get rid of ads altogether. If you want to learn more about this little gem, you can hop over on the official website.


Source: Indiegamemag

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Apple releases Move to iOS and Android fans respond accordingly

Apple is back in the news again and this time it’s all about their first ever app. The company is known for being at least reticent when it comes to sharing with or supporting other platforms. It took them years and years to finally pair with Windows for the iTunes program, and some of the professional tools have never been seen anywhere except for the Apple hardware. Now everything will change as Apple is attempting to fish out some Android users as its own.


Apple move to ios



The first app coming from this American company is named Move to iOS and it has now reached the Play Store. What the app does is show you an opportunity you may not want to take advantage of. You can transfer contacts, SMS history and bookmarks, account information and photos to Apple’s hardware, an iPhone or an iPad. The app will not transfer other apps and in order for it to work you will need an Android device and an Apple device to be connected to a secure Wi Fi network.


Movte to ios


Thing is, Move to iOS quickly became a joke for Android fanboys who rallied up and mock-reviewed the app, giving it many many many 1 star reviews. Suits Apple for trying to steal the competition so blatantly, if you ask me!


The app is free on the Play Store and you can use it, try it or just make fun of it if you feel like it.

Move to iOS
Move to iOS
Developer: Apple Inc.
Price: Free
  • Move to iOS Screenshot
  • Move to iOS Screenshot
  • Move to iOS Screenshot
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3D scanner embedded in your smartphone? Microsoft has the answer!

Microsoft wants to turn your smartphone into a device for the future. You rear camera can do so much more than take 2D photos, or at least this is what Microsoft wants from your device, and now your camera can become a 3D scanner. It can create 3D models that should be good enough for 3D printing.


3D scanner


Microsoft’s research lab brought a new video to light where an iPhone 5S is used to scan objects by simply moving the smartphone around the focused object. The camera tracks the object during capture and then it builds a model from different angles.


Some of the models created with the usage of this software look pretty rough but they are an improvement and a unique thing considering a smartphone is not created for this specific task in mind. Microsoft says that you do not need any hardware for this feature to work as a 3D scanner because the computation is done on the phone as well.




Microsoft’s project could be a competitor to what Google is doing with its own projects like Tango, where they use special hardware like a motion-tracking camera and a depth sensor in its attempt at mapping the world. The additional hardware will provide better results, of course, but the guys at Microsoft are pretty confident in their own 3D scanner software.


Microsoft’s project is named MobileFusion and developers are now working on making it compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Phone. There is no release date for this 3D scanner software yet, but media popularity and time could turn this into a possible reality for the general public.


Source: Microsoft


The Huawei watch appears online and available for pre-order

The Huawei watch recently leaked online will probably launch at the IFA next week, but until then we can see it in all of its $800 splendor online. The device is available for pre-order on Amazon and you have four different devices to choose from: Stainless steel/Black, Black/Black, Gold/Gold and Gold/Brown. The downside to this is that the devices are priced really high when compared to other Android Wear devices.


Huawei watch



The cheapest Hauwei watch models is the Stainless Black one and it costs $350. It has a steel-colored case and a black leather band. The most expensive one is the Gold/Gold one, and it sells for $799.

What’s inside the Huawei watch?


Here is what we know about the specs for this new wearable:

  • 1.4” full-circle AMOLED display at 400 x 400
  • sapphire glass -scratch resistant
  • stainless steel body
  • Android 4.3 and iOS 8.2 compatibility.


The last part is the most interesting one as it presents the possibility that Android Wear can support iOS. We will have to wait and see if all of this is really true or if someone made a mistake with the spec list.


The price suggests that Huawei watch will be an Apple watch competitor. We will have to wait a little longer to see if it will live up to it though. Pre-orders will start to ship on September 2nd.


Source: Droid-Life

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Cortana virtual assistant – Microsoft is bringing personality to Android

Cortana virtual assistant is almost here for the taking, folks! You can already use voice commands to navigate the Interwebs, but how about something with a little more personality and flair? In a few weeks we will all enjoy the beauty and sass of Microsoft’s new and improved virtual assistant.




The feature is named after the AI in the Halo series and it will be a competitor to Apple’s Siri. It is based on conversational interactions, has its own personality and can help you with various things.




Cortana is an app on Android that will come to the Play Store in just a few weeks, with an iOS support app to come later this year. In order to issue commands you will have to launch the app itself – note that it can help you with reminders, search queries and note taking. Below you can see the app in demo mode towards the end of the video.


Source: Microsoft.