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Android Wear watch from Intel and Fossil: get ready for some competition!

A new Android Wear watch is being made and it is the fruition of a combination between Intel and Fossil. The announcement was made at the Intel Developers Conference, where Intel usually presents its new chips, but also some other things.


Android Wear watch



This watch was teased for a while now, and the first official image seems to point at a cross-breed between the Moto 360 and LG Watch Urbane. Fossil’s watch and Intel’s Tag Heuer device are the first smartwatches or Android Wear-friendly devices made by old-school watchmakers and not tech companies like LG, Samsung, Apple or ASUS. Fossil is said to possibly supply designs for well-known brands such as Michael Kors and Giorgio Armani.


This new Android wear watch is not the only project Fossil has going on as they will soon launch a connected bracelet and watch. It is safe to say that Intel does not want to reveal more information regarding the watch at the moment. It doesn’t have an official name or official specs yet and it is expected to launch sometime this holiday season.


That is all we know about the Android Wear watch from Intel and Fossil, but more details will be released soon. Stay tuned!


Source: Gizmodo

News Updates/Software

Android L emulator image for Intel x86 architecture available

Android L is closer to release than ever and now we even have access to a 64-bit emulator image destined to Intel’s x86 architecture. The Native Developer Kit (NDK) is now updated to revision 10b and developers can start getting their apps ready for devices that roll on Intel’s 64-bit chips.

Recently, Intel has been working on promoting its architecture to Android developers (they released emulator images with Google APIs for KitKat and partnered with various game developers) and it appears that Intel and Google are working on strengthening their relationship, which can only mean that in the near future we will see more Atom/ Bay Trail chipsets.

The available NDK is destined to native apps and those with Java will not be compatible.

Source: Android Developer Portal


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Intel’s new Dev Story/ HACK THE CODE – a tool for devs to work their magic

Intel’s new Dev Story/ HACK THE CODE is a new game that surprisingly has little to do with coding, except for devs. The game is constructed in such a manner that it will attract very few people except for .hack fans. Inside the little game you will find some interesting mini games though, games similar to WarioWare’s style of mini challenges that prove that their devs are the best in the world at what they do.

The game itself is open source and free to use, which means Intel is inviting developers to improve their work and build upon the game’s existing foundation. Intel really wants people to tinker and provide resources to help them improve their code and the best submissions will even be included in the second version of the Dev Story.

You can submit your creation at Intel Developer Zone and give the game a try as well by clicking the widget below.

[googleplay url=””]


News Tablets

Dell Venue 8 7000 confirmed by Dell and Intel – the world’s new thinnest tablet

Dell Venue 8 7000 series will be one of the first Android-running tablets from Dell and it appears the device will launch sometime soon (The Verge says it will arrive in time for the holidays). Venue 7000 has a rather vintage look with a slim body at its 6mm of thickness and it seems to surpass Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact’s most slim tablet in the world.

Venue 8 has little to no bezels with its speakers positioned at the topside near the front-facing camera.  The Dell tablet will be the first such device to sport Intel’s Real Sense depth-mapping tech. the feature uses three cameras on the back of the tablet which allow for post-capture refocusing and other options (space measurements, selective color exclusion based on distance).

Venue 8 has a light aluminum body with an OLED 8.4” display running at 2560 x 1600p Quad HD that allows the user to see beautiful and sharp images. We don’t know Dell’s price tag yet, but we will keep you posted as soon as we find out.

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