The app listings on Google Search get an overhaul

The app listings in Google Search just received a makeover today. Google Search keeps improving itself in result options and looks and the latest feature to get an overhaul is the App listing. This feature has been around for a while now, but it was pretty flat design-wise. Everything will change now that     […]

Get food straight from the Google search results

It’s been a few days now since Google search started offering a new feature: ordering food straight from the search bar. The search engine became extremely popular because it was so good at sending people their way in a very short period of time, meaning they would return to search for more stuff faster too. […]

Commandr 2.0 update – Google Search to work as it should

Commandr 2.0 update expands beyond its previous limits and expands on Google Now in giving its users the ability to control music and switches via voice commands. The medium command “Note to Self” is no longer needed in commanding the device. Apparently, Commandr listens to everything you search with Google Search and it immediately cancels the […]

Google Search: you can correct OK Google for misunderstood words with “No I said…”

Google Search and its OK Google voice function are slowly conquering the world! Now, you have more support than ever because, as you do a voice search and find that Google has misunderstood you, you can correct it by starting your search with “No, I said…” and Google will replace the incorrect words with what […]