SwiftKey sharing users data with strangers

Swiftkey was an amazing keyboard that usurped swype as my default keyboard, I loved its predictions, its swiping to type tech and its overall layout and features. For a long time it worked great, then I grew enamored with other keyboards and moved on. Recently Microsoft bought the app for a cool $250 million. Awesome right? well it seems that SwiftKey sharing users data with strangers and just about anyone that asked… or didnt ask. Multiple swiftkey users found other people phone numbers and emails or text predictions in languages not used or installed by the user. Swiftkey has announced that this is due to a synchronization “feature”. they have now disabled this bug feature and are working on fixing it. This week, a few of our customers noticed unexpected predictions where unfamiliar terms, and in some rare cases emails, appeared when using their mobile phone. We are working quickly to resolve this inconvenience. While this did not pose a security issue for our customers, we have turned off the cloud sync service and have updated our applications to remove email address predictions. During this time, it will not be possible to back up your SwiftKey language model.   The vast majority of SwiftKey users are not affected by this issue. If you have any reason to believe you are seeing unfamiliar predictions, please contact [email protected]     We take users’ privacy and security very seriously and are committed to maintaining world-class standards for our community.    We will continue to post further updates on our blog.    The SwiftKey Team  users everywhere […]

Instagram update to finally bring multiple account feature to Android

Instagram has been flirting with multiple account support and now that is finally starting to become real to more and more users. A while back, the app got multiple account support for some users, but it was rapidly removed. Now the feature is back and it is here to stay.       Instagram announced today via a post that the new feature is officially in full effect. In order to get it, you will need the v7.15 update. The multiple account feature is beautifully involved into the app. You are able to add a new account from the settings menu and in order to switch between existing accounts all you have to do is tap the drop-down menu on your profile page. Your profile photo will appear throughout the app so that you know which account you are using at any given time. This change will basically make your life easier by letting you switch between a personal and a professional account at any given time.   You can download the Instagram app from the Google Play Store widget below. Will this new feature help you in any way? Let us know in the comment section below!      

WiFi Camera – make your phone a live feed source via IP anytime!

You need a cheap solution to supervise your home, a baby monitor or a mini live streaming setup you don’t have to pay a lot for? You can now try WiFi Camera on your smartphone. This free app can be found on the Google Play Store and all you need for it to work is a compatible phone and a router.       This app allows your Android phone to become a WiFi-based IP camera. There is no difficult setup to go through, all you have to do is download and install the app on the phone you want to use as a camera, then you leave it wherever you want or you simply use it. You will be able to see and hear the phone’s video and audio feed on your PC or tablet if they are on the same network or on the same internet provider feed.   In order to get live feed from your phone to the PC, you will need to get the phone IP and you can log into the router network and the phone’s live feed. This will help you supervise your home while you are away for example, and you wouldn’t have to spend that much money on a surveillance camera. It works very well as a baby monitor as well; you can spend time down stairs while you can check up on your baby via WiFi feed. It can also work as a secret camera you can use to check up on other members of […]

Google Play Games reportedly give up on Google + permissions for its games

Google Play Games is giving up on Google +, as it will soon relinquish its Google+ account requirements to use. In order to get games and apps and use them, all you will need is a basic Google account. You will not be requested to give permissions and you will be signed in for all the games you have at once. This move should make your interaction with apps and games easier, especially if you don’t want your personal details to be linked to your games.   The transition to Google Play Games’ new policy should not interfere with users’ experience unless a game decides to use specific Google+ features extensively. For Google+ this means that it is finally reduced to a social network ( a barely successful one at that) and that its “catch-all internet service” days are over.   Source: Endgadget  

[Free apps] Wildcard – the news managing app you may need in your life

Wildcard is a new curated news discovery app that is gracing the Google Play Store with its presence. This app will rely on news editors to find the right stories for you and to give you the best sources to justly overview events you are interested in.       The stories in Wildcard are organized in series of cards with the main interface presenting the most important stories at the top. Each series of cards will have a number in the corner to show you how many stories you have to check out, and each card has a different source. When you research a story, you get Tweets and news from different sites as well. The bigger stories will present you with snippets to keep things casual and easier to grasp.   Wildcard will let you log in to Twitter to get more content from your stream, but the news stream is mostly guided by editors. When you choose to view a story you can add it in the “card” view, which is a clear reading UI that will load much faster and use less bandwidth in the process. The news you like can be saved on a card list or you can share them on social media. The app itself is free and seems to be “ no strings attached” at the moment. Give it a second look below:    

[Discount of the day] Minecraft Story Mode episode one on Google Play for $0.10!

The hour of presents and discounts has come just before the holidays and now you can buy yourself a Minecraft Story Mode first episode for only 10 cents! Telltale Games have made a reputation of bringing interesting and unique story-driven adventures to life, where players can influence their experience via the choices they make.       If you are a Minecraft player already, you should know that Telltale did not just invent a story set in this fun world, but they made a story about how this world came to be, with what makes zombies and skeletons come out at night and why you can teleport to the Nether when you want to.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcKmyM6YQY8     You can get the first episode at %90 off and you can purchase Minecraft Holiday Skin packs at %75 off. The first episodic chapter of the Minecraft Story Mode adventure launched on Google Play a few months ago at the price of $4.99, but this week you can get it at the amazing price of $0.10. Give it a look via the widget below!