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[Freebie alert] Janice Joplin Greatest Hits album for free on Google Play Music

Are you a Janice Joplin fan but you – for some reason – don’t have all of her albums on your Google Play account yet? Well, you are in luck friend, because today you can get the Greatest Hits compilation from Janice Joplin for free from the Google Play Music store. The album is only available to US customers but, if you are lucky, you may get it in other countries too.


Janice Joplin



Janice Joplin became a sensation in the 1960s, when experimental rock and the hippie movement were at their peak. She remained a highly important musical figure after her death in 1970 at the fresh age of 27. She is one of the classic American rock musicians whose music endured over the ages.

The Greatest Hits compilation found on the Google Play Music store is not new, but the 1973 album that has become something of a staple for her music, and it includes two tracks added in the 1999 re-issue. The album includes the hit Me and Bobby McGee, which made Joplin famous globally.



As it happens with all free albums on Google Music, you will be able to add the album on your library and you will be able to listen to it whenever you want. You will be able to use the album even after it returns to paid status. Enjoy your music!


Source: Google Play Music Store



Google Play Music to get podcast feature soon

Google Play Music may very soon allow users to hold podcasts on the platform. In a world where mobile platforms are growing bigger and bigger by the day, Android has been lacking in a live podcast listening experience. Soon that will change because Google recently announced it will give podcast support on the Play Music app platform and podcasters can already start to upload their shows for approval.


Google Play Music podcast



If you want to add a podcast to Google Play, first you have to be from the US and then you have to log in and point Google to your RSS feed. Approvals are a lengthy process for some and a pretty fast one for others and it is all depending on luck at the moment. Some podcasters already got their listings approved. Google is already working with some important names such as HardcoreHistory, TwiT and HowStuffWorks to get stuff ready for their new service.


There is no firm headline when it comes to Google Play Music ‘ s podcast feature rollout, but it can’t be that far now. More details will be released in the coming months, as Google officials stated. The app will be updated then and there may be more features involved too if we’re lucky!


Source: Google


Nexus 6P review – first impressions for Google’s flagship

Nexus 6P was made official today! This year’s Google flagship was officially revealed and you can already pre-order it with the promise that you will receive the device in three to four weeks. 6P is the larger of the two Google smartphones and the first to come out of an association with Chinese manufacturer Huawei. The device will be the first, along with its brother Nexus 5X, to launch with Android 6.0 Marshmallow.


Nexus 2015 devices


Nexus 6P – Google’s flagship for 2015

Huawei Nexus 6P is branded as Google’s most recent flagship and it has the specs to prove it. It looks good, has a fully aluminum case – the first nexus device with such a design – and the back side bump that hosts the camera and flash modules. The design reminds us of high-end Huawei devices with its candy-bar shape and slim figure. It has frontal dual speakers and virtual navigation buttons and its 5.7-inch display is protected with Gorilla Glass 4.


Hiawei 6P



Nexus 6P official spec list:

  • display: 5.7-inch AMOLED screen at 2560×1440 resolution
  • processor: Snapdragon 810 (v. 2.1) processor
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 32/64/128GB storage
  • 12.3MP sensor for the rear camera with 1.5um pixel (similar to ultrapixel cameras)/without optical image stabilization
  • 8MP front camera
  • Android 6.0
  • USB Type-C port
  • 3450 mAh battery with Qualcomm Quick Charge.





Nexus 6P has the Quick Charge feature but it does not sport wireless charging, unfortunately. It weights 178 grams and is 7.3mm thick. Official colors include white, black and aluminum. The smartphone si available for pre-order on the Google Store and it can be pre-bought in the US, UK, Japan and Ireland for now.



The standard 32GB model costs $499.99, but there are upgrade versions with 64GB storage selling for $549 and 128GB storage versions selling for $649.


The device will not be available for US carriers, but Google may partner with carriers in other countries in the future. When you pre-order a Nexus 6P you also get $50 of credit and 90 days of free access to the Google Play Music premium subscription.


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[Freebie] Deadmau5 >album title goes here< album for free on Google Play Music today only

If you’re a Deadmau5 fan or just a person with a quirky love for electronic music, you should head out to Google Play Music, where you’ll be getting the >album title goes here< album for free! The deal is only available to US citizens though, so if you’re out of the United States, tough luck on you, mate!


Now if you have a lot of time on your hands, you could start using Play Music as you are bound to find some interesting tunes out there you might like. Don’t forget the freebie deals too, as these past few weeks, Google has been on a freebie rampage with Guardians of the Galaxy mixtape Vol 1, Lorde’s Pure Heroine and Imagine Dragons’ Night Vision.


The free music tunes to more than one taste so if you were not sure if you like a certain artist or band yet, the free music is bound to be the best way to find that out.


Source: Deadmau5 /Google Play Music