Santa Tracker back in motion: countdown to Christmas with educational activities

December is here, Christmas countdowns have already started and the Santa Tracker is back in motion! The app is once again ready to show you where Santa is spending his time this Christmas, but you also get everyday updates until 25th of December!     Once Thanksgiving was dealt with, most Americans are already thinking […]

Hangouts v5.1 release brings disappointingly small bug fixes

Hangouts v5.1 started rolling out yesterday and it has just as many new perks as versions 4.0 and 5.0 – which is basically none. This new update will not be action-packed either as is only brings some small bug fixes for the animated GIFs and same old interface. The update is also available on the […]

King of Thieves – a new action platformer that shows the world what a grea thief you can be!

King of Thieves is a new little game from ZeptoLab where you can prove to the entire world you ARE the best thief around! The game is mostly a Dungeon Keeper mixed with some action-platformer features you can enjoy for free.     When you are a player you get a dungeon that can be […]

Cars: Fast as Lightning – a new and free racing game from Gameloft

Cars: Fast as Lightning is a new racing game coming directly from Gameloft. The little app is targeted at kids and it sort of keeps some of the charm the Cars series has been entertaining its fans with for years now. The characters seem well animated and the animation itself resembles that of the films, […]

NuMi – a new nutrition and fitness app that aims to help you in your fight against overweight

Just in case you were wondering how you can get determined to lose some of that extra weight (in case you need it), there’s a new app ready to help you out. NuMi is a new piece of software coming from NutriSystem that adjusts a person’s lifestyle to help them lose that unwanted weight. The […]

Google apps help support could change in the future with improved user interface and dedicated app

Google apps will soon change a bit when it comes co app integration and support. It will present native help interface rather than a boring and sometimes annoying web link to every app’s help page. Until now, a user looking for help had to pull up a web page where they had to look for […]