Samsung Galaxy Note 5 breaks when you insert the S Pen backwards

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 owners beware! According to various reports, your stylus may very well be what destroys your phablet, if you are not being attentive enough with it. Reinserting the Note’s stylus into the phone the wrong way can lead to disabling its stylus detection software. This basically means that, if you insert the S Pen back into its slot the wrong way, you may damage your smartphone completely. You would not be able to take notes when the screen is off and the S Pen radial menu will not work anymore.





Some sites report that wiggling the S Pen in the slot the right way may solve the issue. But we don’t advise you to attempt this. Your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 may really suffer if you try to prove a point by damaging it.


With previous models, the S Pen was much easier to manage in terms of proper placement. The Note 5 has a differently shaped stylus pen though; it has the same shape for its entire length, and it can be pushed into the phone both ways. When there is no physical resistance to warn that you are doing something wrong, the risk of shoving the pen down the slot wrong end first will increase.


Samsung does not want to find a solution to this apparent problem, so you will have to be careful with your new Note and use it as described in the user manual.


Source: TheVerge


[The rumor mill] Samsung Galaxy Note 5 details leaked: meet the first phablet with USB Type-C

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 rumors are coming! With the imminent announcement of the new device coming alive growing closer by the day, new rumors and bits of information are starting to surface. The second half of the year is bound to witness the launch of more flagship devices and among the most important is the next Samsung Note device.


Note 4



According to a report which cites various Samsung Employees on Meibo, the Note 5 will be sporting a USB 3.1 Type-C connector. If this is indeed true, this could be the best device to launch this year. This type of connector allows for both its ends to be USB hosts, USB-PD Power Consumers, and DisplayPort video sources.


USB type C



It is also speculated that Samsung will pair the USB Type-C connector with a USB Power Delivery v2.0 which could deliver up to 100W power and this could mean a much faster charging time for your device. The Type-C connector also allows for data transmission to a 4K display in full native resolution.


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is also expected to use a Quad HD display on the Note 5. The display will increase to 5.85 inches and this means its pixel density will be lower than that of the current Note 4. The larger screen will have a more potent battery in the shape of a rumored 4100 mAh cell. Taking into consideration the device should be 7.9mm thick, this could prove to be a great accomplishment. There will be a Stylus-pen embedded in the handset, as it has happened with previous devices.


This year Samsung is cutting losses and will launch only one Note version, letting go of the Note Edge line, at least for now (or Galaxy S6 Edge could play a part in it). This is also just a rumor, and it could prove false.


There are a few month until IFA 2015 and there is still time for rumors and details to surface before a proper announcement. We will just have to wait and see.


Source: Androidauthority

News Updates/Software

T Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Note Edge gets the Lollipop treatment

T Mobile’s own Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is getting Lollipop starting today. If you have such a device you may want to hit that Update button, because your T Mobile device is getting the same treatment as Sprint and US Cellular versions.


Galaxy Note Edge (N915)


Galaxy Note Edge (N915) is getting the Android 5.0.2 update which brings it to build N915TUVU1COD7. According to the support page, you get everything Lollipop related plus TouchWiz and Wi-Fi passport. The download measures 1GB and it is available via Samsung Kies and OTA. The update rolls out in stages so you may need some patience with that Update button for a few days.

Source: T Mobile


Samsung Galaxy S6 renders teased in AT&T and T Mobile ads

We’re just a few days ahead of the MWC in Barcelona and we may have just seen the first real Samsung S6 renders thanks to AT&T and T Mobile. Even if teaser images have been all over the place lately, these two may just be the best of the bunch so far.


Samsung ad


The two images are identical, the only definitively different aspect being the device color. This being a profile shot, it is very difficult to realize whether this is the Edge version with two wrap-around screens or a regular device. The silhouette does reminisce of Galaxy Note though, and we can’t figure out if the cover is metallic or plastic yet. But we will definitely find out soon.


Samsung S6 ad


The “Six Appeal “images don’t reveal anything else except for a physical button and the Samsung logo. More details will follow at MWC in a few days.

Source: AT&T, T Mobile

Deals News

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge on contract for $399 on US Cellular starting tomorrow

Starting tomorrow you will be able to get the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge on contract with US Cellular for $399. The international unlocked version is already available on AT&T, Sprint and T Mobile and the standard two-year contract with US Cellular will be selling you the device at $399 – the same price AT&T and Sprint are putting up.


Samsung edge


Note Edge is very similar to Galaxy Note 4 but it has that extra curved screen on the bezel and some nice software that makes it usable. It has a smaller screen at 5.6” with a bigger resolution of 2560x1440p.  Under the hood you will find a 2.7GHz quad-core processor with 32 GB of storage and 3 GB of RAM, including a microSD card. You get a 3.7MP front camera and a 13MP snapper in the back. The curved portion of the screen is not as innovative as it sells itself, but people who want the newest device on the market in a fresh package can now go to US Cellular to get it as well.

Source: USCellular

News Updates/Software

T Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 gets update to Android 4.4.4

T Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition is finally receiving an update to Android 4.4.4. In order to check for your update you can head over to Settings à About tablet à Software updates.


The update started to roll out today, which means in a few days all devices should be updated. Apart from the usual, you will get the new Download Booster. The IPv6 updates were improved as well.


That’s pretty much all you get with the much needed update.


Source: T Mobile