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LG G3 update to Lollipop this week in Poland, other regions to follow in the near future

LG G3 is getting its due update to Lollipop this week, and the change is bound to start in Poland. Other regions will follow in the near future, of course. Even if, usually, LG is one of the last manufacturers to update its device, this time around things look a bit different as this week LG’s flagship is getting the newest Android flavor too… err, at least some regions are getting it (hint: Poland).

The new OS offers different new design changes, improved notification layouts and a security feature which allows users to unlock their phone when it is near an LG G watch or a G Watch R. The new Lollipop will also include Android Runtime in order to improve the smartphone performance.

When it comes to the United States, keep your hopes in rein, as they will include carrier alterations which may take some time to gop in effect.

source: LG Newsroom 


LG G Watch R teased – will make an appearance at IFA 2014

If you’re bored of waiting for Moto 360’s release, you can console yourself with LG G Watch R which will debut at IFA 2014. The smartwatch was recently teased in a video and it shows a circular design similar to the Moto 360 and it will sport Android Wear as well. No news regarding its technical details were given as of yet.


The LG G Watch, the previous model, is already on the market and it shows functionality blended with an unpleasing aesthetic. Its squared design is similar to that of a developer product rather than a consumer device and, to top it off, LG G Watch was put in a shadow by the Moto 360 which will be released in the next few months itself. Most of the device’s popularity stems from its circular design and functionality.


LG G Watch R is the circular device with a step-counter watchface and a distance gage accompanied by a digital compass. The device has a physical button on the side and presents more easy-to-access controls than the first G Watch.

More news regarding the LG device will arrive at IFA 2014, held in Berlin from September 5th to 10th

Source: Endgadget


LG G3 and G Watch available at AT&T starting July 8th

AT&T is bringing about not only the LG G3 but also the LG G Watch everyone was expecting. Starting tomorrow, you can pre-order one or both and, on 11th of July, you will be able to buy one straight from the real AT&T shops.

LG G3 is basically the newest LG flagship with a 5.5 inch 2K display and a 13 MP rear camera. It has no buttons on the sides – all of them are on the back – and a decent tech construction that pleases most of the public.

LG GWatch, Source LG Korea/ Flickr
LG GWatch, Source LG Korea/ Flickr

The smartwatch device is the first Android watch produced by LG and it presents a 1.65 inch display that remains active at all times and a 400 mAh battery that keeps things running.

It appears that the LG device will have a price of $199 for a 2-year contract whereas the watch costs around $229 USD.