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[Game of the Week] Gabriel Knight: Sins of Fathers – remastered adventure puzzle game on the Google Play Store

Gabriel Knight: Sins of Fathers is another classic adventure game released on the Google Play Store. If you are a fan of point-and-click games, you will love this one. This game is a 1993 Sierra adventure remastered that you can now try on your mobile device.


Sins of Fathers



You become a book store owner stuck with investigating a whole series of murders going down in New Orleans. The entire graphics have been remastered to 2D and 3D and all the characters have voices of their own (Mark Hamill, Tim Curry and Leah Remini voice act some of the chars). The game looks great compared to its former self, aesthetically speaking.


The game play includes puzzles and some interesting history for fans of Stephen King’s work. Gabriel Knight: Sins of Fathers is free on the Google Play store, but it does present some in-app purchase options too. The second, third and fourth chapters can be tried by paying extra, starting from $2.99 to $3.99 with a total cost of $11. The PC game costs around $20, which makes is somewhat of a deal, especially considering the remastered aspect of it all.


The game is compatible with all Android 4.0+ devices and it also includes support for Android TV. The entire game requires 1.34GB of free storage.


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Interstellar – the ingenious tie-in to an unconventional space oddysey

Interstellar may just prove to be the next best thing when it comes to mobile simulation apps in space! The game is actually a tie-in to the movie with the same name launching in theatres in a few weeks.

It appears that the trend of tie-in mobile games to wanna-be blockbusters is just starting and Christopher Nolan’s most recent creation was bound to take part in the hype if we are to compare it with last year’s Gravity. The game is a free download for Android 4.0 and above devices and has no annoying in-app purchases.

The game has a group of space explorers for main characters and they are looking for a black hole somewhere in the universe. The player is the one who pilots the spaceship Endurance through space in the search of a beginning and of ultimate salvation.

The gameplay allows users to travel through solar systems and galaxies and they will have to find fuel and win the race against time. The graphic is pretty great for a free game, and it even tops developer games, and the game mechanic is similar to reality, incorporating real-world physics and gravitational pulls.

Planets, stars and asteroids can be customized and the ship can be improved through missions. You can even pilot your ship through friends’ solar systems and vice versa. The controls are rather hard as you would expect a space adventure to be and the solar systems you visit are more than just shallow graves; they are carefully created by the custom world and moon generator.

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