WiFi Camera – make your phone a live feed source via IP anytime!

You need a cheap solution to supervise your home, a baby monitor or a mini live streaming setup you don’t have to pay a lot for? You can now try WiFi Camera on your smartphone. This free app can be found on the Google Play Store and all you need for it to work is […]

Amazon Underground – the new Free app of the Day feature

Amazon is attempting to change itself from within and it has apparently started with the Appstore. Enter Amazon Underground. The free App of the Day deal is gone, folks. This little deal event is being replaced with the Underground, where over 10,000 apps and games will be available for free. What does Amazon Underground mean? […]

Cerberus free licenses revoked: what other security app choices do we have?

You like Cerberus and its security perks mainly because you can get them for free if you’re not up to paying for it? Well, think again, because it seems that the free license system for the app is going away, for good this time. It is a well-known fact that the guys behind this security […]

[Deal of the day] Amazon app deal with over 30 apps and games worth $110

Welcome to Amazon’s deal day! This offer lasts one day only (ok, maybe 3) and it gets you $110 worth of games! Every now and then, Amazon likes to give its customers free stuffs in the form of apps and games, and today is such a day. Today’s deal lasts until May 16th 11:59PM PST. […]

[Deal of the day] Amazon Appstore is 4 years old today and celebrates with free apps and games bundle worth $105 and a draw

Amazon Appstore is 4 years old today and the occasion begs for some presents, right? Well, Amazon being the good guys they are offering more apps for free that you would be spending a ton of money on if it weren’t their birthday. If you don’t already own one or more of the games and […]

Amazon Christmas free apps – get your favorite games and apps for free today!

Amazon is being a good Santa this Christmas and, if you want to make yourself – or someone you love – a gift, you can check out the Amazon Appstore for some very interesting free stuff. This brand new discount brings about everyone’s favorite games and some pretty otherwise expensive apps too.       […]