Moto Body on Google Play – sync your smartwatch data with your phone

You have a Moto 360 that takes care of your daily fitness needs? Why not choose Moto Body to go with it? The app made its way to the Google Store and it’s been around since November 2014, but only in smartwatch form. Now you can finally find it on your smartphone too and you […]

Micromax launches YUphoria – Cyanogen OS mid-range smartphone – and fitness trackers YUFit and HealthYU

A new mid-range Cyanogen OS phone will soon start selling in India, and it is named YUphoria. Why this name, you ask? Because the device shares the same line with YUreka, another device already on the Hindu market.       Micromax is Cyanogen Inc’s exclusive partner in India, and it is responsible for the […]

Microsoft Health update: track calories and steps without the Band, auto-detect Sleeping and more

Microsoft Health can now be used without the band! Last year, Microsoft launched its own fitness tracker band with a companion app that you can now use as is! The company has updated the app to be able to track steps and calories without requiring the actual band because it uses your phone’s motion sensors. […]

Sony SmartWatch 3 available for purchase on the Google Play Store

Sony SmartWatch 3 is the newest product you can buy from the Google Play Store starting today! The device has been available on the platform since mid-October, but it was marked as coming soon. Now, that wait is over and you can get yours for $249.99. The smartwatch is destined to fitness-loving folks and design-wise […]

RunKeeper update with Google Fitness integration

RunKeeper, one of the most popular fitness apps out there, just received an update which includes Google Fit Integration. Starting today, the app will work with Google’s fitness platform as well. This is the only change you will be getting as, apart from that, you will find no other changes no matter how far you […]

Microsoft launches Health app along with Band to match it!

It appears that all monoliths on the tech market are pushing their own fitness apps and devices this time of year. Why wouldn’t Microsoft be one of them then? Google recently published Fit, Apple has HealthKit and now Microsoft will give us Health too! Microsoft Health is the app that tracks your sleep quality, heart […]