Facebook Messenger update – send friends your location via messages

Facebook Messenger is updated again today and it is getting something interesting (read easier to stalk) for most of us. Unlike its Facebook app, the Messenger is actually getting changed for the better and the most recent change is the feature of allowing users to send a location to friends via messages. The thing is, it does not have to be the location you’re at, it can be any location.     Using location on Messenger is still optional and this does not change how your location data is used by the app. Location sharing is bound to appear in the menu with the usual add-ons. When you tap on it you will be able to choose to share your location or other places nearby.  

[App of the day] Touchless Chat allows you to send messages on popular messaging applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Viber by using your voice

Some developers love the virtual world and believe so much in creating the perfect experience that they strive to cultivate the perfect app. Touchless Chat could be such a thing, especially since it will push your phone to new limits. The app uses Google Now command integration as well as your voice in order to help you interact better via your device. You can thus interact via voice commands when it comes to sending messages to contacts. This way you can initiate conversations through your voice, without having to type.     Touchless Chat requires quite a few permissions in order to work, including notification access, device administrator, and accessibility. Just say “thank you” you won’t need root access. The app lets users communicate with contacts from different widgets or through Google now and they can reply to incoming messages too by allowing you to choose a preferred app for each contact as well as a language to use when talking to them and a nickname to help you recognize them easier.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDcg_fcUFr0   The app supports Hangouts, SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype and other messaging applications. It also presents automated Smart Repliers that reads messages and sends specific replies when you are busy. Touchless Chat is free to try but it will show a link to the app on every message you send. You can get rid of that if you make an in-app purchase that starts at $2 but that may go up as time goes by.   [googleplay url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.joaomgcd.touchlesschat”] […]

Snowball – the little free app that keeps all of your social media messages together!

Snowball is the newest addition to the panoply of social media apps that keep things together for you and only you! The app is guided by the idea of unifying messaging apps that float above the rest of Android on your screen. It even throws in a pretty mascot! Snowball is usually hidden on a side of your screen but you can see some slide-out circles you can interact with at your leisure when the time comes. When a compatible app gets a new chat notification, a circle pops out and the little snowman mascot will wave at you and try to get your attention. When you tap the pretty face you will open a window on top of everything you are doing and you will see the latest messages you got. At the moment, Snowball supports Hangouts, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SnapChat, line, WeChat, Slack and Twitter and SMS apps.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6kWgocsvio   The thing is when you tap on the Snowball face you will actually open the appropriate app because Snowball does not reply from its own window. It is basically secondary notification software that organizes your social media apps.  [googleplay url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.squanda.swoop.app”]  

Facebook Messenger v9 update – like and comment straight from Android Wear!

Facebook Messenger is now updated for compatibility with Wear devices! The social media platform doesn’t usually adapt itself rapidly to new Android features, but this time it seems to have sniffed the success that Android Wear has and the commotion it has created on the market. Facebook Messenger v9 update includes some new feature destined to people who love and use Google-y watches. Now things just got even easier as you won’t just get the message on your Wear device, but you can also send Likes or reply by voice or mute certain notifications straight from the smartwatch. The app now has new like and mute buttons as well.  Photo source: AndroidPolice [pb-app-box pname=’com.facebook.orca’ name=’Facebook Messenger’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

Facebook messenger update – new features and funny stickers to use online

Facebook messenger was updated to version 5.0 and presents some improved options. Communications that don’t require text will be much easier now that icons are available! you can choose from different types of icons you can color your texts with at any time. Open a new or archived chat with people and you will find some new rows of icons at the bottom of your device screen you can use. The app has different functions now: standard text, instant photos, uploading photos, voice messages, stickers to insert or likes – those giant thumb-ups you can always include in the conversation. A true new feature is a link to the camera where you can get a little selfie window where you can send an instant photo to the friend you are talking with. If your device is updated to Android 4.3 or later you can send direct videos from your device in chat. The app has faster contact searches As well, but that depends to your perception and Internet package. You can find the Facebook Messenger update on Google Store if you weren’t automatically updated yet.