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New Google Glass project to be aimed at enterprises first

The next Google Glass project phase will be directed at enterprises and it should feature an attachable design which can be clipped on (or something similar) to other eye-wear. There have been lots of rumors circulating over these past few months and some recent news reports may shed some light on the mystery of the Google project.


Google Glass augmented reality



The new iteration of Google Glass will have a curved rectangular form, plus it will also sport a button-and-hinge system that will allow it to attach to different types of glasses, sunglasses and other possible types of eyewear.


It appears that Google is willing to make the project available for healthcare, manufacturing and energy companies. Moreover, it is already being distributed to software developers in order to facilitate the creation of viable applications.


A new consumer version is also in the works, but it will not be seen on the market until as recent as a year from now, sources say. The previous Glass version which was launched last year got a lot of backlash because it was launched to soon and was not ready for consumer use.


The new Google Glass enterprise version should have a faster Intel processor and better wireless connectivity. The device is said to be powered by an external battery pack which connects magnetically and it is supposed to offer a prolonged life time for the device. The accessory will also have a longer and thinner prism display which will be adjustable for more flexibility.


For now, we will only see or hear about Google Glass when it comes to corporate industries and businesses, which is a great starting idea for such technology. Who knows, in the future the world may be more comfortable with using such tech on a daily basis!


Source: PCWorld


Google Glass exclusive sale on April 15th, rumors say

If you really want to try the hew Google Glass device and have the funds to do it, you will be able to make your dream come true on April 15th! The Verge leaked some documents from Google and, according to them, Google will be giving a one-day pass to all US residents who really want to buy and try a Google Glass device.

Glass deal, source The Verge
Glass deal, source The Verge

Every US citizen who wants to join the Explorer Program can do so on April 15th at 6 AM PDT if he/she pays the fee of $1500 that includes the world’s most exclusive device. Users will be able to choose between free frames that can be used for prescription lenses as well, or they can choose frames with tinted shades.

The Explorer Program became public in 2012, when Google began taking pre-orders, sending invites or doing campaigns to promote its piece of technology. This will be the first time tech-aficionados will not require a promotion, subscription or invite to buy this gadget and enter a futuristic tech program. Those who don’t want to forget about this campaign can sign up for a free email reminder they will get a few hours before the event actually begins.

Google Glass is still a prototype product promoted and sold largely by Google through its Explorer pay-per-enter beta program. The actual device is still a prototype of things to come, but in two years’ time it has matured enough to now be promoted and sold to the masses, after it was mainly used by celebrities as a way of acclimating the public with the new look of this technology.