[CES highlights] Prizm will learn your music and stream it when you party with friends!

Don’t you just love it when technology is taking over your life, reading your mind and preferences and taking over whenever you need a hand? Prizm is one of these devices and it will read your musical preferences and state of mind (in a sense) in order to put the best music for the occasion whenever you are home (or wherever you plant one of these babies).       Prism is meant to turn your music listening experience into something completely new and different. It detects the number of people in the room, the ambiance, and it seeks out familiar signals in order to match the music to everyone’s liking. The device learns the music everyone likes and it plays it automatically whenever they – or you – enter a room.   You don’t have to bother too much with setting up the device either. All you have to do is place it somewhere where it can detect Wi-Fi signals. It has a heart touch-sensitive side where you can tap in order to teach it that you like a song and an X you can choose to show it that you don’t like that particular rhythm. The app also presents easily-accessible volume keys.   Steps to take to start Prizm:   plug it with a power cord and plug in speakers open the Prizm app or download the app and start it start playing music   The device will search for the music programs you usually use on your phone or tablet and it […]

Sony’s stereo phone car mount available on Amazon and Crutchfield

Sony’s new Smartphone car stereo phone mount is now available on Amazon and Crutchfield. The device allows for any smartphone to become a mini-entertainment center in the car! XSPN1BT, as the device was named, will be available for pre-order and pre-purchase for $249.99 and it starts shipping Thursday, 29th of May. The device is a Bluetooth-powered receiver that becomes a dock for your phone. After it is set in the usual stereo location, it becomes a NFC pairing device with a custom Sony app that lets a docked smartphone control the stereo radio or the CD player. It connects phone music to the car speakers via Bluetooth connection. Sony’s dock device works with any Android phone and it includes a USB port with 1.5 amps and a cable for charging. You can find the device on Amazon and Crutchfield at the same price!