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Gmail block tool lets you easily block senders

The Gmail block tool is a reality now and you can finally get rid of emailers you don’t want in your life much easier than before. The option can be found under reply and forward in the Google Gmail app options and it is a block tool that will quickly let you get rid of the unwanted noise.


Gmail block tool


After you use the Gmail block tool and block a sender, their messages will go into the Spam folder. You do have the option to undo the action in the settings menu if you feel the need to.


The feature will be live on Android phone apps next week and you can already find it on the desktop version as well. The next update will also bring about the unsubscribe feature people are using on the web version.


Source: Gmail Blog via Endgadget

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Inbox by Google allows existing users to invite three friends!

Google’s new reiteration of its email client, Inbox was a rather exclusive option for just a few individuals. Now, those individuals can make their friends’ lives happy by inviting three people to the service just by using the Compose button (or speed dial). We don’t know if every user has already received his three invites already, but official Google sources say everyone will get invites “soon”.

If you’re an Android user and don’t already use Inbox, you will just have to keep your fingers crossed and hope or bug your friends for one.

Inbox from Google is the new redesigned email system that people can get only by requesting an invitation or getting an invite from a friend. Google has been working on this project for a few years now and in this case, messages are considered tasks in a to-do list, which means that the system automatically groups different messages based on their content or on the filters you set up. You can ignore or dismiss bundles all at the same time, which means it will be easier for you to manage your messages, be they spam or important. The new system also includes snooze functions and reminders as well as a search box, among others.



Inbox by Google works automatically with Gmail accounts and presents mobile and web versions. At the time being, Google Play shows the app as being geographically restricted, which probably means the US is the only available location at the moment.

You can request an invitation by emailing [email protected], even if that won’t assure your win. If you don’t want to wait for the upgrade to reach your device, you can try to upgrade it manually by installing the APK found HERE.

Source: The Email Blog


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