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Duolingo, Sight words, Evernote and Vine run natively on Chrome OS -more apps to be ported by Google soon

Google announces that Duolingo, Sight words, Evernote and Vine run natively on Chrome OS now. It seems that Chromebooks and Android devices are more connected than ever as Android apps are starting to be natively compatible with Chrome OS.

It seems that Google is working with certain app developers at the moment to add more favorite apps to the bunch, meaning that soon, Chromebooks will have many more native Android apps users can choose from. The apps are easy to download from the Chrome Web Store (for devices with Chrome 37 and above) and afterwards they will show up in the task bar. They can run in phone or tablet layout, which means they keep the Android experience alive.

Google already has open-sourced parts of the Runtime App for Chrome (ARC) and encourages users to suggest their favorite apps in order for the most popular to be ported sooner.

Source: ChromeBlog


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Duolingo update – new language support and new courses

If you wanted to learn English, but didn’t find your native language on Duolingo yet, now you may just find your native tongue in the settings. The app updates the options for learning English and a few other courses.

Now you can learn English from Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Korean and Greek, and you can learn French if you are German or you can learn German easier if you are Spanish.

Duolingo is an app that uses voice, multiple choice and text translation in order to help users learn new languages in small and interactive lessons. It is free and contains numerous exercises for each course. The app works on Android Wear as well, so you can now exercise your foreign language status even without taking your phone out of your pocket.

If you haven’t tried Duolingo yet, you can give it a try below. 

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