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Google Play update brings change in text logo – bigger changes to come

There’s a little update for Google Play out there, and here you will know what changes you get with it. There’s a rumor that the app will go through yet another big redesign process, but the update to v 5.10.29 shows nothing like that.




This Google Play update is taking care of laying down the groundwork for for the newer version in play. The big design changes could already be implemented and someone is waiting to release them from the servers. The big change for now is a new Google Play text logo.


You can either wait for the change to come automatically to your device or you can take the APK Mirror link and use it to safely download the update yourself. The APK is signed by Google and it it totally safe to use. Keep in mind it may take a few days and even a week before the update actually reaches your device.


APK Download:


File Name:

Version: 5.10.29 (80402900)

MD5: 4be975b62b274ea7516bcccc9f38076e


News Updates/Software

Google Maps app gets material design overhaul – see what else is different

Google Maps app is receiving a big material redesign that will be rolling out these following days. Even if the new version of the app is not a complete overhaul, it does offer a few new and functional features such as Uber integration, which allows you to see the estimated pick-up time for an Uber along with an estimated fare based on the road you’re on.



A new feature is OpenTable integration, which allows users to reserve tables from restaurants with Maps info cards for free. The rest of the changes are design-oriented and they look pretty nice!

In case you are eager to test the new Google Apps, you can try downloading the APK signed by Google, which assures you it’s the real deal and not tampered with in any way. The APK is compatible with versions of Android 4.3 + and higher. Or you can wait for the rollout to reach your device.

Source: AndroidPolice


Download Booster feature removed from Samsung Galaxy S5 sold by Verizon, Sprint and AT&T

One of the interesting features Samsung has to offer on its new flagship was removed by most of the US carriers. Download Booster was possibly one of the best features on the new device because it allowed users to use WiFi and 4G LTE connectivity at the same time to download files, which meant lower download times for any file, as the feature was advertised on the official S5 Samsung page.

AT&T, Verizon and Sprint customers who buy the new Samsung Galaxy S5 will not find this feature anywhere as these carriers decided to remove it. It is not a new move as in the past carriers removed other select features from the devices they sold as well.

Verizon and Sprint representatives confirmed the feature omission and some AT&T customers confirmed that their Galaxy S5 version doesn’t have Download Booster either.

T Mobile is one US carrier that allowed the feature and furthermore promoted the new Samsung flagship and the download feature. US Cellular Galaxy S5 variants will have the feature as well.

Download Booster works when the files needed for download are larger than 30MB and come from supported sources such as HTTP downloads or Google Play Store. The feature then uses both 3G LTE and Wifi and splits the download in two. Thus it gets parts of the downloading file from two simultaneous sources, making the download much faster. It does use a lot of LTE data, which is what carriers may not like.

There was no particular reason given by the carriers as to why they “banned” the feature, but many speculate it may be a move to help customers save on their data plans. For others, this move seems rather suspicious. Samsung officials made no comments regarding this omission as of yet.

Source: Fierce Wireless