HTC Preview to allow users to test software and devices before launches

A new day signals a new attempt at HTC’s desire to return to the relevant side of the niche market. If the One M9 was a failure and HTC A9 is somewhat of a black sheep because of its design, HTC has now decided to take on the test software market instead. Maybe they will […]

The Braille smartwatch – public release by the end of the year?

A start-up tech company from South Korea is working on making the Braille smartwatch a reality. Dot wants to create attractive and useful technology for the visually impaired. But could this actually be a productive accessory? We shall see.       Company officials say that this device could help visually impaired people hear their […]

[The rumor mill] Samsung Galaxy Note 5 details leaked: meet the first phablet with USB Type-C

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 rumors are coming! With the imminent announcement of the new device coming alive growing closer by the day, new rumors and bits of information are starting to surface. The second half of the year is bound to witness the launch of more flagship devices and among the most important is the […]

[The rumor mill] Blackberry rumored to launch an Android-powered device soon!

 Blackberry is rumored to be making a smartphone running on Android this time round and it may even have a physical keyboard! The device rumored to launch this fall will have a slide-out keyboard and it should be able to re-take the market! If you remember the beginnings of the smartphone, you will know that […]

Huawei Expo SnapOn – the low-end smartphone with LTE you can have if you don’t love Moto G

A new budget Huawei device showed its face on Amazon today and it may vaguely remind you of a more known device on the market, at least in terms of specs or price? It is supposed to be a Moto G competitor with LTE weighing in at $180. The unlocked smartphone market is starting to […]

HTC One M8s – Europe’s cheaper slightly different but still the same HTC One M8 version

HTC announced a One M8s device destined for Europe. It is basically less expensive than the M8 version because, even if on the outside it looks exactly the same as HTC’s 2014 flagship, the insides are not just as mirrored with the mother-device, having a different processor and a changed camera.     Instead of […]