Android final M preview coming to Nexus 5, 6, 9 and Nexus Player

The Android final M preview images for some Nexus device are now available for download. After the official reveal of Android Marshmallow, Google announced the final stage in the Android M developer preview. This version is probably the final preview we will get before the official launch of Android 6.0 rumored to come this fall.


Android M preview



What devices get the Android M preview 3 ?

As it happened with the previous developer preview editions, this version will be compatible with the following devices:



Android Nexus devices



If you have one of the devices, you can try the preview for yourself by downloading and flashing the TGZ files on Google’s Android Developer page. The OTA updates should arrive to most devices taking part in the test already.


The changes in this version are minimal, the most important changes in the final M preview being the adjustment of the permissions UI and the Fingerprint API. They should not affect the current review hardware. If you want to flash the changes over the current data without losing anything, you should wait a little longer for the OTA to directly reach your device.


Source: Android Developers


Android Marshmallow IS the official name for Android 6.0

It’s official, the new Android M version is called Android Marshmallow! Many people on the Internet managed to guess the codename right ever since the update was announced, but there weren’t that many choices to pick from to begin with, to be honest.


Android Marshmallow


The announcement was made today when the newest statue was unveiled on the lawn in front of the Mountain View Google HQ in California, USA. Shortly after launch, the new Android Marshmallow statue was acknowledged as being a symbol for the official Android 6.0 OS version.

Starting today, a new Developer Preview (MPA44G) was made available and this is the final one (you can download it from here). It was released along with the official 6.0 SDK. This preview will rollout OTA-style or it can be manually flashed via factory images.

The new boot animation was also made available via the video below:

This is how the Android Marshmallow statue was created:


Source: Droid-Life


Android M Developer preview changelog shows up on AOSP – not final form

Android M Developer preview changelogs are already live and they already seem promising. Google released some of the source code in order to ensure GPL compliance.





The changelog measures around 4.7 MB and comprises 29,000 commits, some dating from as recent as one day before Google I/O. There is no clear official starting point of the changes and there may be differences between the preview firmware and the changelog, but things should be pretty much similar.

In case you are curious about Google and their most recent shenanigans, head over to the source link below to find some interesting jokes, details and secrets; there’s always something funny hidden in this type of thing.

Source: Changelog