Google Project Fi data-only SIM cards support goes live

Google Project Fi is still alive and kicking, even if it is not as involved in promoting itself as you’d think. Google’s cellular service is impressing its few subscribers and it recently released support for data-only mobile devices (this includes tablets and other devices which receive data).


Google Project Fi network



The Project Fi team is working on bringing data-only SIMs to everyone who wants mobile Internet connections on their tablets by using a mobile connection as intermediary. This form of connectivity could in turn be shared with other tablets that can connect to the Internet when they are offered access.


Existing Project Fi subscribers can get a data-only SIM for free so if you have a Fi account you can check it and order a SIM for yourself. If you are not part of the program but you are interested in this offering, you can head over to Google’s Fi to sign up and you will have to wait to receive an official invitation.

For now, you can only order a data-only SIM card. When you activate it, you will be able to share data to anyone. Keep in mind that a data-only SIM will share the same data budget with an existing mobile phone data plan.


Useful details you need to know if you want a data-only SIM from project Fi:


  • Eligibility: You can add another device by ordering a data-only SIM as long as you have service activated with Project Fi.
  • Cost: Compatible devices share the same data budget as your main phone, at the same rate of $10/GB. If you want to see how much your data-only SIM is using, check your data usage like your normally would. You’ll see a breakdown for each additional device.
  • Tethering: Tethering from a device with a data-only SIM isn’t supported.
  • Coverage: Data-only SIM cards provide coverage in 120+ countries. See our coverage map. You may notice some coverage differences from your main Fi phone. Coverage can also vary depending on your device.
  • Number of data-only SIMs: You can add up to 9 data-only SIM cards. You can also use the same data-only SIM card in multiple devices.


Source: Google


Apps News

Ghostery – the privacy browser that keeps ad networks and trackers at bay

Ghostery is just the piece of software you need to keep you safe on the internet. Usually, when you browse, buy and click, you share some of your information on ad networks, be it through Facebook, Google or other social media and click-bait links, because everyone is looking for your activity and ways to get your money in the end. With this Privacy Browser, you can learn more about data collection companies and you can block them from tracking your activity.





Ghostery is a fully functional web browser that you can configure to browse the mobile web with better load times and more privacy. When you load a page, the little ghost icon on the address bar will allow you to see how many ad trackers you can find on the said page. Thus, you can decide which to block and which to let do their work, or you can whitelist the site altogether.




While using the browser, you can contribute data about trackers and let devs work on them with sites and companies. The devs track trackers instead of tracking you!


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Deals News

AT&T deal: get 15GB of data at the price of 10GB ($100 plus device fees)

AT&T is having a new promotion few will pass… or will they? The US carrier is offering Mobile Share Value customers 15GB of data at the price of 10 GB, which means you would be paying $100 plus your device fees every month. The deal just went live today and it’s not as cheap as you think, but still pretty good.

AT&T even introduced a chart to show you just what you can do with 15 GB of data every month, including posting 1000 photos on social media and downloading 100 apps.

To the monthly $100 you will add the phone fees which lead up to $15-$40 extra, and if you have a tablet you will add $10 more.

The next data plan upgrade – the 30GB one – will continue with its $130 price tag plus fees.

The new AT&T is available to new and existing customers and you can ask for yours now!

Below you can check the official news report:


AT&T Gives Mobile Share Value Customers More Value at No Extra Charge by Providing 15GB of Data for the 10GB Price

DALLAS, Nov. 17, 2014 — Beginning Tuesday, Nov. 18 and for a limited time, AT&T1 Mobile Share Value customers can now get 15GB of truly sharable data for the price of 10GB ($100 a month for the plan charge plus device access charges).

With 15GB of truly sharable data, customers are able to do all of this each month:

  • Stream 160 hours of music and 30 hours of video
  • Surf the web for 300 hours
  • 1,000 posts with photos on social media
  • Download 100 mobile apps and send/receive 10,000 emails

The promotional 15GB Mobile Share Value plan at the 10GB price is available to new and existing AT&T consumer and business customers and includes domestic unlimited talk and text, and the nation’s most reliable 4G LTE network. Customers can easily take advantage of this new offer by visiting and our current AT&T customers can also select the new plan via their myAT&T app.

Additionally, AT&T customers can get unlimited international messaging (text, picture and video) on all Mobile Share Value plans for no additional cost. Unlimited international messaging includes messages sent from the U.S., Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands to more than 190 countries for text messages and 120 countries for picture & video messages.

When adding an AT&T Next line to a Mobile Share Value plan, customers can save up to $25 per month on that smartphone line’s access charge.

Eligible Mobile Share Value plan customers can choose to purchase a phone with an AT&T Next installment agreement with no annual service contract and no down payment.

Mobile Share Value plan customers can additionally bring their own device or purchase a phone at full retail price or on a 2-year wireless agreement. You can also add a tablet to your plan for an additional $10 a month.

For the new promotional 15 GB Mobile Share Value plan, there is a smartphone access charge of $15 per month per line for a smartphone purchased on AT&T Next, or at full price, or when a customer brings their own smartphone, or has no term commitment. For consumers on a 2-year wireless agreement, the smartphone access charge is $40 per month per line.

Additionally, consumer and qualified small businesses who switch to AT&T and activate a new line of service with a smartphone on AT&T Next can receive a $150 bill credit.

Also, AT&T is continuing to offer its other promotional Mobile Share Value plans that start with 30 GB ($130 a month for the plan charge plus device access charges).

Customers can learn more about the new plans by visiting


Source: AT&T

Deals News

AT&T boosts 2GB and 4GB data plans to 3GB and 6GB at no additional cost

AT&T is boosting some of its data plans with some good will, considering it is one of the first US carriers to implement limited data plans. The carrier is announcing a cap boost in two of its mobile plans as follows:

In case you are on the 4GB ($70) data tier or on the 2 GB ($40) one, you will be getting an upgrade to 6 GB and 3GB respectively with no additional costs. The Mobile Share Value plans will necessitate line access fees on top of data though. There appear to be no other financial strings attached, which means you’re just getting more data and that’s it.

Apart from this boost, AT&T is extending its double data promotion for the biggest plans of 15-50GB. Each of the bigger plans gets double the data if you sign up to them before November 15th.

Source: AT&T


Android L to enable data ecryption in order to protect customers

Android L is closer to us than ever and it seems that Washington Post received a glimpse of what is to come from Google itself! It appears that devices shipping with Android L will be having default encrypted disks – the move is a step forward in preventing law enforcement from obtaining information from smartphones and tablets without the owner’s consent.

This change will allow Google to avoid certain ethical and legal questions when it comes to search warrants issued against devices. Considering the fact that they will not be able to provide tools that can be used to access encrypted data on devices this means they cannot be compelled to do it either.

What automatic encryption will do is protect devices from law enforcement or hacker access without authorization. This does not stop law enforcement officers from raiding your cloud stored data though.

Full-disk encryption is available on Android devices since 2011, but it was not enabled by default and most users have not enabled it themselves. This implementation is extremely helpful and efficient and it would not affect battery life or device performance.

New Android devices shipping with the L release will have encryption turned on but it is yet unclear if existing devices will be encrypted automatically after they are updated to the Android L OS.

Source: Washington Post


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Deals News

T-Mobile quadruples Simple Starter data plan to 2 GB for $5 extra a month

T-Mobile is quadrupling its data plan for $5 extra per month starting September 3rd. Sprint and T-Mobile are always in a war of prices, services and quality and this time T-Mobile is trying to get ahead on all aspects by enlarging its Simple Starter Plan Data allotment… at a price, of course!

For $5 extra a month, customers will get an upgrade from 500 MB to 2 GB of LTE data. This limited-time offer will debut on September 3rd and it does not interfere with the Simple Choice Plan, which is supposed to remain the same.

Why would you choose a $50 plan when you can pay $45 for twice the LTE data?

The answer is rather simple: with the Simple Choice Plan, you get unlimited data with the reduced speeds after 1 GB and unlimited music streaming from certain music services that don’t count against the plan. With the Simple Starter, the data service gets cut off after you finished your allocated 2 GB of data and you cannot access free music and tethering.

Sprint has just introduced a $60 plan with unlimited data and T-Mobile reached out to its clients with a similar offer. We shall see which proves to be the more popular offer. 

Source: T Mobile

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