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Cyanogenmod Gapps error with SetupWizard

I saw that CM13 is out and it brings Android 6.0.1 (r17) goodies such as the battery saving ‘doze’ functionality and new permissions model, alongside the usual set of CM features. I have an HTC m8 sitting around which I figure was due for a custom rom right about now, so I downloaded and install a copy of CM 13 from everything went well as expected. I downloaded a copy of google apps from opengapps and installed it next and thats where things took a turn for the worse, as soon as I booted into CM i started getting errors of setup wizard being force closed over and over. I couldnt do anything but click the OK button over and over. So if you are getting a Cyanogenmod Gapps error this just may help you.

I booted into TWRP and tried fixing permission with no luck on next boot into system. I tried re-flashing everything from a clean install again with same results. I saw that you could report the issue so I clicked the submit button and it let me see the actual error that was being thrown which looked partially like :

AndroidRuntime: java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to create application java.lang.SecurityException: addOnSubscriptionsChangedListener: Neither user 10069 nor current process has android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE.

luckily I had enabled debugging before I installed gapps. so I connected my phone to my computer, booted up ADB, check out my post on some basic ADB commands here if you need a refresher, and granted the permissions needed for the issue to be resolved!

I checked for connected device :

adb devices

which gave me :

List of devices attached
FA43XXXXXXXX    device
emulator-5554   device

I then ran commands on my phone by connected to the shell on it and running my grant command:

adb -s FA43XXXXXXXX shell
pm grant android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE

it gave no output and looked like this :

C:\Users\sumguy\adb>adb -s FA43XXXXXXXX shell
[email protected]:/ $ pm grant android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE
[email protected]:/ $

This can be adapted for other such error also:

pm grant android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION

this seems to have resolved the issue for me and I was able to login to my account normally now with no crashes so far.

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Samsung Galaxy S II gets Android Marshmallow through CyanogenMod 13!

Samsung Galaxy S II is one of the first smartphones that changed the way that the OEM was viewed on the market. It was the first device to change Samsung’s image and brand into something much much more. It was the device to make the company what it is today. But now, S II is considered a very old device, especially considering that we are on the brink of Galaxy S7’s launch. It is 5-years old and its specs are no match to even the lowest of the low-end smartphones.





Galaxy S II is powered by a dual-core processor running at 1.2GHz, with 1 GB of RAM, 16/32GB of storage and a 4.3-inch 480×800 display. This means that it is still viable for some current Android ROMs, including CyanogenMod.


CyanogenMod 13, which is a ROM based on Android 6.0, will finally be supported. This means that, if you had an S II ever since it launched, you have seen all the flavors of Android running on it, either official or unofficial. And now you will even get the most recent Android version, ahead of so many other devices nonetheless!


This CyanogenMod build is a nightly, so it may not be the most stable at first, but a more stable version could come in the future. You will need to flash the Gapps zip package in order to make your Google apps work. This should make for a nice project in the next couple of days!


Source: CyanogenMod


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Galaxy Nexus gets Android 5.1 via CyanogenMod 12.1 nightly

Galaxy Nexus is as old as time itself in tech years, but that does not mean it is forgotten by everyone. The device will benefit from an update to a slightly older that Marshmallow Android OS version. But hey, anything is good right now, especially for an old device such as this one, right?





The Galaxy Nexus is officially stuck at Android Jelly Bean 4.3. Two years after the device went live there was an official update to KitKat, but the device was deemed unworthy of updating. A great team of CyanogenMod devs thought differently and they finally managed to bring Galaxy Nexus some support. After being trapped on CM11 nightlies and snapshots for over a year, it is time for the device to jump to a CM12.1 nightly. This brings the device to Android 5.1.


Since this is the first nightly, things may not go so well when it comes to daily use, but that does not mean you cannot try some interesting things on the device. The download itself weighs about 248MB. You will also need a Gapps package to make everything google-related work after you install. You can get the CM12.1 download from the source link below.


Source: CyanogenMod


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Nexus 4 gets official Android 6.0 Marshmallow support

Do you have a Nexus 4 that you love and cherish and would never change for any new flagship? Well, now you will be able to taste some of that Android 6.0 Marshmallow goodness you were denied a few months ago. It’s not thanks to Google, but you can thank CyanogenMod devs who worked tirelessly to bring the newest Android OS to your device.


Nexus 4


Old-school Nexus lovers can now sigh with relief at the thought of trying that sweet gooey Marshmallow goodness. Cyanogen released a CM 13 nightly for the Nexus 4 (mako) and it weighs around 277MB. You should know that this nightly build could be full of bugs and problems because – as we all know – nightlies are not the most stable of ROM versions.


You can find different builds for Nexus 4 on XDA forums, but it is very nice to know that you can also go to CyanogenMod for some support when it comes to older devices. It does not matter if you use this device as your primary or backup phone, it is important to know that Marshmallow is here for you. You can get the CM 13 file zip at the source link below, and do not forget the Gapps zip package too.


Source: CyanogenMod via AndroidPolice


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CyanogenMod support for four LG devices, including LG G3 S

The CyanogenMod Team keeps expanding its supported device roster by the day. If you have an LG device and the most recent supported version of Android does not please you, you now have an alternative – depending on what device you own, of course.


LG Logo CyanogenMod



The newest nightly builds from CM are compatible with LG G3 S, LG Optimus L70, LG G2 Mini and LG G3 Beat. All of the builds are CyanogenMod 13 (based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow) and they are currently available for download and flashing.


Three devices have two nightly builds and LG G2 Mini has only one. The LG G3 S is codenamed “jag3gds” on the download page. It is a smaller and cheaper version of the G3 flagship from last year.


G3 Beat is an alternative name for the G3 S, used when sold on some territories (it has the codename “jagnm”).


LG G2 Mini is the mini version of LG G2 – the LG flagship for 2013 – and it bears the codename “g2m”. Optimus L70 is one of the low-cost entry-level smartphones on the market and it has the code name “w5”.


You have to prepare for some instability with these nightly builds and some bugs may also pop up if you are unlucky. You will need a latest version of the Gapps ZIP package if you want to get access to the Google Play Store and additional Google services.


Source: CyanogenMod LG G2 Mini, Optimus L70, LG G3 S, LG G3 Beat


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CyanogenMod 12.1 nightlies rolling out to most devices

CyanogenMod 12.1 nightlies are rolling out for a few days now and it may take a while for most devices to get official support. Either way, remember this is nightly builds we are talking about, which means there could be lots of bugs on the horizon.


CM 12.1


CM12.1 is based on Android 5.1 and it will install on top of CM 12. Any and all third-party add-on ZIPs will have to be updated manually if you find versions compatible to Android 5.1.

The CyanogenMod 12.1 build is already available for devices such as Moto G, OnePlus One, 2013 LTE Nexus 7, and Moto E. These nightlies will keep coming until most devices are cleared out.

A milestone CM build will show up soon, and that will make things more stable, if you wish to wait for one.

Source: CyanogenMod