CF Lumen – the app that adjusts color settings according to sunrise and sunset

CF Lumen, the oh-so-popular app found on Gingerbread devices can now be used on KitKat devices as well! If what Chainfire says is true, people still want the night mode and color adjustment apps, which means at least one of them has to be ported to KitKat devices, right?

Right! CF Lumen is now available on Google store and it offers the usual possible adjustments of color on your screen. The app allows you to adjust colors and color temperatures on your phone or tablet and brings tones in line with the changing eye expectations in relation to the sun. If it does relate to sun light, CF Lumen reacts well to artificial lighting as well, and presents a sleep mode which turns the screen red to keep your eyes from straining. Users can override the service or use the light sensors on basically any device to adjust settings.

The app has color filters and a colorblind setting that redistributes colors across the spectrum, thus enhancing screen clarity and color detail.

The app can be used in Google Maps as well to set locations in order to adapt settings to sunrise and sunset times and it can make the phone or tablet vibrate for haptic feedback in the case of some UI components.

For some users the app may not work as it still is a work in progress and it does require KitKat devices to be rooted. It is said by the developers to be available for KitKat devices.