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Google Play app visual changes released via OTA update

Google Play app recently got a new coat and now it’s finally making its way to all Android tablets and smartphones that support this change. The much-improved design was first revealed earlier this month and it now marks the separation of Google mobile products into Apps&Games and Entertainment sections. Under these two category buttons you will find more specific subsections such as top charts apps and family-oriented services. Under the Entertainment umbrella you will find individual pages for movies, music, TV shows, newsstand subscriptions or books.


Google Play app



One of the biggest visual changes on Google Play app are the new animations and some scrolling effects that make things pop out more now. Sadly, you cannot install these updates manually, which means you will have to wait for an OTA. This is a server-side change, which means that Google will have to release the update to all devices before you can see it happen on your device. It’s been done on some of them already, but there are still many more that need it.


This is a nice new change for Google Play app, one that frequently comes to those who choose Android, unlike the Apple App Store that does not receive that many updates. Google just likes to keep its customers entertained!


Source: TheVerge


Android final M preview coming to Nexus 5, 6, 9 and Nexus Player

The Android final M preview images for some Nexus device are now available for download. After the official reveal of Android Marshmallow, Google announced the final stage in the Android M developer preview. This version is probably the final preview we will get before the official launch of Android 6.0 rumored to come this fall.


Android M preview



What devices get the Android M preview 3 ?

As it happened with the previous developer preview editions, this version will be compatible with the following devices:



Android Nexus devices



If you have one of the devices, you can try the preview for yourself by downloading and flashing the TGZ files on Google’s Android Developer page. The OTA updates should arrive to most devices taking part in the test already.


The changes in this version are minimal, the most important changes in the final M preview being the adjustment of the permissions UI and the Fingerprint API. They should not affect the current review hardware. If you want to flash the changes over the current data without losing anything, you should wait a little longer for the OTA to directly reach your device.


Source: Android Developers