[CES highlights] Prizm will learn your music and stream it when you party with friends!

Don’t you just love it when technology is taking over your life, reading your mind and preferences and taking over whenever you need a hand? Prizm is one of these devices and it will read your musical preferences and state of mind (in a sense) in order to put the best music for the occasion whenever you are home (or wherever you plant one of these babies).       Prism is meant to turn your music listening experience into something completely new and different. It detects the number of people in the room, the ambiance, and it seeks out familiar signals in order to match the music to everyone’s liking. The device learns the music everyone likes and it plays it automatically whenever they – or you – enter a room.   You don’t have to bother too much with setting up the device either. All you have to do is place it somewhere where it can detect Wi-Fi signals. It has a heart touch-sensitive side where you can tap in order to teach it that you like a song and an X you can choose to show it that you don’t like that particular rhythm. The app also presents easily-accessible volume keys.   Steps to take to start Prizm:   plug it with a power cord and plug in speakers open the Prizm app or download the app and start it start playing music   The device will search for the music programs you usually use on your phone or tablet and it […]

[CES highlights] Galaxy TabPro S – Samsung and Windows’ love-child revealed!

Samsung announced the Galaxy TabPro S at CES this week, and the device seems to be a melange of Samsung refinery and Microsoft innovation. This tablet takes Samsung hardware and empowers it with Microsoft software in the hope of creating the perfect premium tablet. By using the most important features of a tablet and a laptop, you get the full notebook PC functionality on the go with the slimmest of devices.       Samsung Galaxy TabPro S runs on Windows 10 and offers users the best PC-tablet experience yet! The age of hybrids has changed and now we also have PC-tablet hybrids, not just mobile-tablet ones.   Samsung Galaxy TabPro S specs:   12-inch Super AMOLED display at 2160 x 1440p Intel Core M processor (Dual Core at 2.2 GHz) 4GB RAM 128/256GB SSD 5,200 mAh battery LTE Cat 6 5MP rear camera and 5MP front camera keyboard cover included for enhanced usability 6.3mm thin weight: 693 grams NFC, Bluetooth 4.1, WiFi Direct, WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac MIMO.       Samsung Galaxy TabPro S is the first tablet to be powered by Windows and support LTE Cat 6 for the most advanced and fastest connected experience. The device has enhanced charging features, which supposedly allow for a full charge in 2.5 hours, and you get no less than 10 hours of battery life in one charge. The Intel Core M processor is used without a fan to minimize noise and maximize efficiency and performance. You also get a multi-port adapter and a Bluetooth pen […]

[CES 2016] Samsung Gear S2 support for iOS incoming!

Samsung is trying to win every aspect of the market right now and in an attempt to become more approachable it just announced that its Tizen Gear S2 smartwatch will work with iPhones too. The device has been compatible with most updated Android devices already, so this move into enemy territory is at least interesting coming from the South-Korean monolith.         The support was announced at CES a few minutes ago, but no additional details or a specific date were made public so far. It is clear the Samsung Gear S2 will lose some of its functionality on iOS as opposed to its Android version support, but this is expected to happen. The smartwatch is considered one of the best, well-designed devices in its niche at the moment and it may appeal to some Apple users who were not impressed by the Apple Watch.       Samsung also announced that Gear S2 Classic will be available in two new finishes: rose gold and platinum.  

[CES 2015] Microsoft launches Gold edition Nokia Lumia 930 and Lumia 830

CES is nearing its end tomorrow, but until then, Microsoft still has some aces up its sleeve. It just launched the Gold dition Nokia Lumia 830 and Lumia 930. The phones themselves are still the same flagship Lumia 930 and mid-range Lumia 830, but their neon colors are now changed to classy white and black backs with a Goldified finish.     The devices look much better now, even if Microsoft is kind of late to the precious finish phone case party. The new design is pretty good looking, especially considering that this will probably be the last Nokia-branded bunch of devices ever launched. The two handsets will not be available in the US but only in selected countries in Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and China. By the end of January, Nokia Lumia 930 will be available in both white and black hues, and the middle-ranged Lumia 830 will be ready for purchase starting February.     Lumia 930 has a 5” 1080p screen with a Snapdragon 800 chipset and 2 GB of RAM, with 32 GB of storage and a 20 MP primary camera. Lumia 830 has the same 5” screen but with HD resolution and is powered by a Snapdragon 400, 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage with the possibility of enlarging storage by a max of 128GB via microSD slot. Source: Lumia Conversation  

[CES 2015] Sharp presents new expensive 4K UHD TVs with Android TV function

Sharp is working on the first 4k UHD TVs with Android TV built-in, as fficials announced today. Google’s Android box is not alone anymnore as the CES 2015 brings about the announcement of the first two 4k UHD TVs with Android TV built-in.     The new 4K UHD TV comes in three versions – specifically the UE3, UB30 and UH30. The UB 30 is the smaller, cheaper version where you will not be experiencing Android TV. The UE30 version is the premium option where you will be finding the following: 60” (diag.), 70” (69.5” diag.), 80” Class screen sizes 4K Ultra HD: 4X the pixel resolution of Full HD Revelation™ Upscaler 4K Ultra HD Streaming (HEVC/h.265; VP9) AquoMotion™ 480 AquoDimming™ SmartCentral™ 4.0 Android TV platform 4K Ultra HD Specs (HDMI 2.0; HDCP 2.2) 70″ (69.5” diag.) has 16% more screen area than a 65″ (64.5” diag.) Class; 80″ (diag.) has 50% more screen area than a 65″ (64.5” diag.) Class TV Modern Design – ultra slim bezel, sleek stand Dual Stand Placement Options (70” diag./80” diag.) Wallpaper Mode Quad-core processor 4 HDMI, 3 USB, Wi-Fi MSRP 60” Class LC60UE30: $1,999.99 MSRP 70” Class LC70UE30: $2,799.99 MSRP 80” Class LC80UE30: $5,399.99   The UH30 is the best option around ansd you will get a touchpad remote, some more ports and better post-processing too. Below you can see the full description: 70” (69.5” diag.) and 80” (diag.) Class Screen Sizes THX 4K-Certified Picture Quality (THX certification pending 70” (69.5” diag.) only SPECTROS™ Rich Color Display Revelation™ […]

[CES 2015] LG G Flex 2 announced today – meet the smaller, faster and prettier curved smartphone

LG G Flex 2 made a first appearance at CES 2015 today and it appears that the curved phone trend is only starting. The phone looks similar to the parent device but its tech construction is much more different. LG G Flex 2 is the first phone announced with a Snapdragon 810 processor – the octa-core chip constructed with four cores working on the speed processing while the other four will take care of the standby tasks and other low-overhead chores. This chip is using the ARM 64-bit reference design in order to fight Apple products, and the next generation of Qualcomm cores could be the real future. On paper and in tests, the new chip is a demon clocked at 2.0 GHz which – even if it doesn’t seem much is a substantial increase when it comes to certain processing tasks – is much more powerful than similar existing hardware. The CPU also provides more speed with 300Mbps LTE.     The curved LG version 2.0 is also sporting an Adreno 430 GPU that has no less than 288 shader cores and it supports native 4K encodes and decodes. The GPU is fabricated using a 20 nm process, which means it is more efficient than cheaper GPUs. The G Flex 2 has a slightly smaller screen than its predecessor at 5.5”. But it still lays somewhere on the phablet side of things. The screen resolution has been increased to full HD at 1080p and the display quality seems to be improved. Considering it is […]