Cartoon Network new apps: Adventure Time Fionna Fights and Rock Bandits

It appears that Cartoon Network is cashing in on two of its “it” shows at the moment with paid apps in the Google Playstore! Adventure Time and The Regular Show are two of the most popular kid’s shows on TV right now and CN knows it, no wonder they each had 4 games in the Playstore up until now! Two more Adventure Time shows have been released, Fiona Fights and Rock Bandits respectively. What can you expect from these new titles? Find out below!

Fionna Fights is a 2D shooter where the user has a sword (!) he can slay enemies with. Users have more blades to choose from and different animals they can ride and they can choose to fight with Finn if they like him more. The game costs $0.99 and has no in-app purchases.

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 rock bandits

Rock Bandits is a side-scrolling 2D platformer with Finn and Jake as stars. The players can use Finn’s sword and Jack’s stretching powers to fight through not more than 20 levels of game situated in four different worlds. Within the app you can also find an original comic book written by Rian North and artist Shelli Paroline. The game costs $1.99 and has no in-app purchase. 

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Ride’ Em Rigby – a new and fun endless runner courtesy of Cartoon Network

Ride’ Em Rigby is a new endless runner game coming straight from Cartoon Network that includes unicorns riding fast cars! Regular Show fans will surely love this new app on Google Playstore and unicorn lovers will definitely want to play this car riding game too!

For an endless runner, the game has not many details to disclose since the user becomes the character Rigsby who pairs with Muscle Man to hold on for his live while speeding through parks during rush hour. The game has twenty levels where users will find all sorts of collectibles and power-ups one more weird than the other. The difficulty increases as you play and the controls are pretty simple. The game itself costs 99 cents and it offers no in-app purchases (praise the Lord!).

You can find the game in the widget below.

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Apps Deals

Cartoon network apps on sale at the Amazon store

Cartoon Network apps on sale at the Amazon store

After a few great free deal weekends, Amazon decided to make a deal with Cartoon Network in what concerns its most popular apps. All but one are on sale for $0.99 each, the exception being Time Angle – Adventure Time, which was freshly released on August 8. The app is sold for $2.99 at the time.

Among the discounted apps you or your children can try on your tablet or smartphone you will find Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake, Ghost Toasters – The Regular Show, Powerpuff Girls and Jumping Finn Turbo or Wrath of Psychobots – Ben 10. 

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