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[Deal of the day] Hushed gives you lifetime anonymous phone number for one purchase

Hushed has a deal for you and now you can get a lifetime private phone number for the price of one-year plans. StackSocial, the developing team, is offering many many one-in-a-lifetime deals where you will have to pay only $39 for a lifetime of secret phone number calls and messages.


Hushed app


This app lets you set up anonymous phone numbers and usually you would have to pay for the service on a periodic basis ranging from a few days to a yearly pass. The price for this lifetime deal is only $10 bigger than what you would have to pay for one year worth of secret calls and SMS messages.


Hushed lets you create a disposable phone number without having to deal with the hassle of monthly payments. You have to pay upfront for the amount of time you want to use the number and the minimum is 7 days for $2. Each price and period tier comes with limited minutes and SMS messages and you can use them all before you have to pay again.


The current lifetime master plan from Hushed will have a limit of 500 minutes and 1100 messages per year, which is the regular limit for the yearly plan. You can give the app a second look below:


Hushed - 2nd Phone Number
Hushed - 2nd Phone Number
  • Hushed - 2nd Phone Number Screenshot
  • Hushed - 2nd Phone Number Screenshot
  • Hushed - 2nd Phone Number Screenshot
  • Hushed - 2nd Phone Number Screenshot
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Facebook Hello Dialer gets update with new layout and contact filters among others

Facebook Hello Dialer was recently updated to version 2.0 and in this article you will find just what the improvements are. This extension of the social media service allows users to call and message people and it works for free via Messenger.


Hello Dialer


The version two of the app tweaks the interface and adds interesting features that should make some users budge from their preference for the stock dialer app and switch to this one. The most important changes are the ability to filter contacts if they have phone numbers and notifications for the blocked and missed calls respectively.

You also get a “Card” layout destined for incoming calls and the ability of other apps to see your Hello contacts. You will also be able to edit a friend’s profile photo just to be able to see and recognize them easier. Among the changes you will also find support for right-to-left languages integrated contact shortcuts.

The app is free for Facebook users and it is only compatible with Android smartphones.


CyanogenMod adds call recording on nightlies; feature is not available automatically

CyanogenMod is launching a new feature to nightlies in the shape of Call recording. The feature is not automatically activated though, which means another pain in the arse for most users. Just in case you’re in a call situation when things get tense, you should be able to simply tap a button and begin recording your call. In a sense, this feature may or may not revolutionize the world of call recording, but you will have to enable the feature yourself, and the actual deed is much more complicated than it seems.

The CyanogenMod team says the feature is available starting with the more recent nightlies but it will not be activated on ROM downloads because there are lots and lots of laws regarding call recording all over de world. If anyone wants to use it they will have to build from source and enable it via system property persist.call_recording.enabled. It’s obviously difficult to do that if you’re not well versed in Android ROMs, therefore you can try the Xposed module which enables the feature on CM 11 builds fron 8.14 or later.

The audio quality seems to be ok and most of those who tried it already, are hoping that the feature gets more attention from developers so that it will be worked upon in detail. Some CyanogenMod partners may choose to allow call recording by default as well in the near future. 

Source: AndroidPolice


Ignore No More – the trending app that locks your phone if you don’t answer your mom

The trending app of the week is none other than Ignore No More, the software your mom can use to screw you and your smartphone world foreveeeer! Well, not forever, just until you finally stop ignoring her calls. The app is installed on two devices: on the parent’s phone and on his child’s device. If the child refuses to answer his parent’s call or messages, the parent can lock his child’s smartphone remotely and only a call from the parent can unlock it.

The app was invented by a woman specifically for her children and it caught word on Google Playstore, where it became an instant hit. The app can be bought for $1.99 “per phone” and one Google account is all you need to take over your entire family and their smartphones. Parent and child accounts can be activated with the first download. The creator says the app cannot be removed or uninstalled by the child.

The app appears to not work for everyone as most comments on Google Playstore are negative, so be warned. Be sure to find out if your device works with “ICE” before activating the app and then proceed at your own risk!

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