Nexus 5X deemed easier to repair than most by iFixit

How resistant, breakable and easy to fix is a Nexus 5X really? iFixit has the answer to this and many more questions! The guys at iFixit managed to get their hands on a new LG Nexus and they deconstructed it onto little pieces just to find out what makes it tick. It appears to be one of the phones easier to put back together than others. If you manage to get yourself in the position of putting one of these smartphones back together, you will not need many special tools and most components are pretty simple to replace.



nexus 5x teardown



You can see the entire teardown in the video below, but you can also find out some of the more important details here. The back cover of the Nexus 5X is easy to take off because there is no adhesive holding it in place, as it happens to most smartphones and tablets nowadays. The battery is slightly held in by some adhesive and on the back panel you will find the antennas. The deconstruction of the device revealed that it does have a Qualcomm SMB1358 Quick Charge 2.0 IC even if it does not support the Quick Charge 2.0 feature.




The smartphone motherboard is secured in place with no less than ten standard phillips screws and the camera and Nexus Imprint modules are easily connected to it via removable spring contacts. The display is fused with the glass, as it happens with most smartphones these days. iFixit gave Nexus 5X a 7/10 score on the repairability, a very high score compared to the likes of Samsung Galaxy S6 (4) or HTC One M9 (2).


Source: Nexus 5X teardown via AndroidPolice


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 breaks when you insert the S Pen backwards

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 owners beware! According to various reports, your stylus may very well be what destroys your phablet, if you are not being attentive enough with it. Reinserting the Note’s stylus into the phone the wrong way can lead to disabling its stylus detection software. This basically means that, if you insert the S Pen back into its slot the wrong way, you may damage your smartphone completely. You would not be able to take notes when the screen is off and the S Pen radial menu will not work anymore.





Some sites report that wiggling the S Pen in the slot the right way may solve the issue. But we don’t advise you to attempt this. Your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 may really suffer if you try to prove a point by damaging it.


With previous models, the S Pen was much easier to manage in terms of proper placement. The Note 5 has a differently shaped stylus pen though; it has the same shape for its entire length, and it can be pushed into the phone both ways. When there is no physical resistance to warn that you are doing something wrong, the risk of shoving the pen down the slot wrong end first will increase.


Samsung does not want to find a solution to this apparent problem, so you will have to be careful with your new Note and use it as described in the user manual.


Source: TheVerge


Apple Pay gives up on PayPal because of Samsung

PayPal seems to be out of Apple Pay starting today as Apple is trying to rattle things up by itself in the mobile payment world. Many people wondered why Apple’s new mobile payment service isn’t just partnering with another similar service or buying one altogether and, recently, the talk of the town implied that Apple is reaching a partnership with PayPal. It seems that the deal didn’t go through because of Samsung!

It appears that PayPal is working on a smartwatch payment method with Samsung and that would mean PayPal would be the only payment method for all Samsung wearables and mobile payments.

The deal break seems to look more and more like a telenovela as the story goes somewhat like this: Apple was working on getting banks and financial institutions on board with Apple Pay and reached to PayPal as well. During those discussions, PayPal moved on with its own plans with Samsung  – plans said to be at the behest of eBay CEO John Donahoe. Apple was not too pleased with the deal and broke off all relationships with PayPal.

As usual, the Apple-Samsung war manages to draw some attention on the unpleasant deals both companies are trying to close. The reality is that it is still unclear whether Apple would have actually used PayPal for processing payments as they already have their own payment system, so PayPal may have just been used for its brand from the beginning.

Source: Slashgear, Joe Ross/Flickr


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