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Moto X from Verizon gets Motorola official unlock bootloader support

Motorola recently offered official bootloader unlock to all of its Moto X devices, but some carrier variants have been less than compliant with the order. Verizon and AT&T have blocked the process in the past but now, Verizon’s 2014 Moto X made it to the list of unlockable phones.


Moto X



Motorola is not updating the carrier phones anymore so an unlocked bootloader will help you and your device get a Marshmallow ROM on it. It is sad that Motorola is not taking care of its older devices anymore, but at least it is giving you an option to do it yourself.


How do I unlock the Moto X?


In order to unlock the bootloader from the Verizon 2014 Moto X you will have to → run an ADB command and you will get a code → You put that into the Motorola online tool → it will give you a code to use as a fastbot command → that will ultimately unlock the smartphone.


Of course, don’t forget that there are risks involved and your phone may end up bricked if something goes wrong. Proceed at your own risk.


Source: Motorola via AndroidPolice



Nexus 6P TWRP official build available, no decryption yet

If you got your Nexus 6P and want to mingle with its software for a while, you should know that the device already has official TWRP support. The data decryption feature is not alive yet though, just as it happens with Nexus 5X. The build is official and it is expected to be heavily used in the following months.


Nexus 6P


TWRP is the custom recovery tool that allows users to flash whatever piece of software they want after they unlock the bootloader. This tool allows users to install ROMs, flash ZIPs and backup devices before tinkering with things as ingenious and adventurous devs and young enthusiasts do. Just in case you do break some things, as it happens, you can use the provided factory images for the Nexus 6P to restore your smartphone to default settings.


This first TWRP release does not support data decryption but it will be added soon enough. In order to be able to disable encryption, you can attempt to boot a modified image. However, we do not advise you to do so.


Source: TWRP via AndroidPolice


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Android 6.0 factory images for Nexus 6P builds released by Google

Google posted Android 6.0 factory images for its newest Nexus devices, in this instance Nexus 6P. The early buyers are receiving their new Nexus devices as we speak, and Google is ready to release their factory images too. The Nexus 5X builds became available last week, almost immediately after launch, and now the 6P version is also being made available for some builds.


Nexus 6P



Google just listed the builds for MDB08K and MDA89D. Other builds will get their Marshmallow factory images released in due time. It is possible that these devices are Project Fi compatible.


Keep in mind that, for the factory images to work, you will need a Nexus 6P with an unlocked bootloader or else you will not be able to flash a factory image. This also means you will erase every piece of data you can find on your device. Keep things in mind before proceeding to modding, tinkering or otherwise messing with your Android device.


Source: Nexus 6P factory images

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TWRP update to v – better GUI scaling and improved thread handling

TWRP updated to v2.8.5.0 today and among the improvements you will find are GUI scaling and better USB keyboard support. You usually use TWRP when you need to flash ZIP files or backup your device. The update does not bring any new device support but it does help devices which already have TWRP work better.




Below you will see the official changelog to see exactly what’s different:

  • Scale the GUI – TWRP can read the theme’s resolution and scale it up or down to fit the theme to your screen’s resolution
  • Improve thread handling and move input handling into the main rendering thread to improve stability
  • Make MTP work even if unplugged and plugged back in
  • Unify scrollable list code and make kinetic scrolling feel more natural
  • Fix handling of mapped zip files for OTA updates (CM12 updater)
  • USB keyboards should now work on all devices that support USB host mode via a USB OTG cable
  • Other small fixes and improvements

If you want to flash TWRP on your tablet or smartphone, you can check the list of officially supported devices. In order to flash the new recovery you will need an unlocked bootloader. Bear in mind, you have to be careful so that you won’t break something!

Source: TWRP

News Updates/Software

Sunshine bootloader unlock tool supports Motorola Droid Mini, Ultra, Max and other 4.4.4 Motorola devices

Sunshine bootloader unlock tool is now available for other Motorola devices, not only the Moto X we talked about in a previous article. Many users choose to tinker and bake their Android device by using the most stable software on the market.

Carriers and hardware manufacturers can try to lock their devices but they will not be able to stop the avalanche of hackers and modders out there whose constant work relies on finding solutions for free and user-friendly devices. Most Motorola owners have been waiting for reliable methods for unlocking their bootloaders and Sunshine just put a stop on the wait.

The unlock tool now offers support to Motorola Droid Mini, Ultra, Max and other 4.4.4 Motorola devices out there. All carrier-specific Moto Gs are now supported by the tool and even some Motorola 2013 devices can be unlocked as long as they already run on Android 4.4.3 or above.

The most secure way of finding out if your device is supported is to install Sunshine apk, and it will check for support by itself. If your device is supported and you can  unlock your device, you will be charged $25 USD!

Source: XDA


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Sunshine Bootloader Tool offers support to Motorola Moto G from Verizon, more Motorola devices to come

Sunshine Bootloader Tool recently offered support for unlocking the Motorola Moto G phone versions sold by Verizon. You can find the thread related to SunShine on XDA Developers, but basically what you’re dealing with is an unlocker for HTCs and Motorolas. In order for it to work your phone will have to be rooted through a temporary root like Pie for Motorola for example.

All you have to do to unlock your Moto G is to download and install the Sunshine apk then enter some payment details and you’re good to go. The app is not free as it requires $25 to unlock each smartphone, which is still cheaper than a buying Developer Edition phone. Other Motorola phones will receive SunShine support in the following days so if you have the craving of unlocking your devices.

Source: AndroidPolice